Restaurants in Hungary

Recognized for its rich culture, history and beauty, Hungary is also a top European destination, when it comes to gastronomy. Located right in the heart of Europe, Hungarian cuisine is strongly influenced by many international cuisines from neighbouring countries, but it also has its characteristic and unique touch. There is a big diversity when it comes to food establishments in the country, but you will be surprised to find out that all of them are easy to enjoy.

But Hungarian cuisine is not the only thing to enjoy there because the atmosphere is most of the places is very charming, especially when bringing the classical atmosphere of the rich Baroque heritage and set against a backdrop of unique buildings, natural beauty and cosy spa towns. The typical passion for music and the quality and amazing wine-production are even more contributing to the whole experience. Take our helping hand and dive into our guide to the best restaurants and food establishments in Hungary, simply browse our page!

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Costes Restaurant

We strive each day to give the meaning to this word that represents our values: the quality without compromises, masterful tastes, the artistic presentation, the attention to details, a mindful service, a pleasant atmosphere and an informal and calm fine dining experience. May the name Costes express the ever repeating but a unique experience that requires so many: the conscientious producer, the flexible supplier, the resolute staff and a connoisseur guest: You!