Pubs & Bars in Ireland

Pubs play, without a doubt, a very special and vital role in the Irish lifestyle, social life and culture in general. After all, we can safely assume that pubs are the symbol of the country, to a large extent. You will find the Irish pubs to be extra cosy, extra charming and atmospheric, each of them having its own and unique story and distinctive interior and ambience, also very friendly, welcoming and warm. So when you plan your travel to Ireland, visiting pubs is a very important part of the whole experience and a part that will contribute for you bringing some amazing memories back home.

When it comes to the smaller towns in the country, there is usually one main pub that is the social and lifestyle scene for the community and you will find these types to be really friendly and wonderful. However, the bigger cities are offering a pretty vast and impressive variety of pubs. Although pubs are the local institutions, you will be delighted to discover that Ireland has also a pretty great clubbing and partying scene. After all, locals are truly dedicated to having fun and enjoying life the best way, so you are expected to enjoy your time there! Make sure to browse our page, where you can discover a great selection of the best bars and pubs in Ireland!