Pubs & Bars in Italy

Bars and cafes in Italy are the local institutions, an important part of the local lifestyle and social life. Because of that, you are going to discover some wonderful, very atmospheric, charming and cosy places around each corner from the biggest city to the smallest town. Italians are truly devoted when it comes to a good quality coffee, but local cafes and bars turn into something a lot more than simply enjoying the refreshing drink during the day. After midday, local establishments are welcoming locals and tourists to enjoy quality wine, beer, or whatever needed and desired, always accompanied by delicious and fresh snacks.

After all, Italians are the people that have invented the sweet life and sweet doing nothing, so you can expect them to be the best at having fun, enjoying and celebrating life. The Italian bars, cafes, bistros and clubs are the best place to dive into this relaxing and laid back atmosphere and dedicate at least a few hours on enjoying yourself and the surrounding beauty and nothing else. There is an ever increasing trend of many new and creative bars springing up throughout the country, but in order to enjoy a memorable experience, we recommend you visit the more authentic places too. In Italy, when the sun sets down, the city transforms into a completely new and exciting world, where nightlife is truly unique and special. Make sure to browse our page and explore the best bars, clubs and pubs in Italy!

Harry’s Bar Rome – As in the roaring sixties, you can still have a drink, enjoy the piano bar every night and soak in the magic of Via Veneto in the exclusive and fascinating Harry’s Bar.