Restaurants in Italy

Italian cuisine is probably the most popular and well-loved in Europe and over the world too. After all, Italy is a home to many food legends like pizza, pasta, ice cream and so much more. Because of that, when it comes to travelling to and visiting Italy, it is always about a gastronomy journey too. Italian food, dishes and desserts are so rich of flavours, colours, culture and history that a short visit to the local family-owned restaurant feels like a whole journey across the country. One of the advantages of the country in terms of cuisine is that each and every region and even each community of Italy is offering its own, very characteristic and distinctive gastronomy experience.

Mostly based on the various culture, history and local fresh produce, but when it comes to Italian cuisine, we talk about the perfect blend of thousands of receipts. However, on the Italian table there are a few staples you definitely one to try in their original, most authentic variation, the way your Italian grandma would cook them if you had one. When it comes to Italy, the restaurant scene is as diverse as the cuisine itself, so everything from small, cosy and family-run food establishments, through the street food stands and to the fancy and elegant restaurants is worth visiting. Browse our page to make sure you discover the best restaurants in Italy!

La Pergola – Under the guidance of Heinz Beck it has become a temple of international gastronomy, historically the first and, still today, the only three-star Michelin in Rome.