Restaurants in Italy

Italian cuisine is probably the most popular and well-loved in Europe and over the world too. After all, Italy is a home to many food legends like pizza, pasta, ice cream and so much more. Because of that, when it comes to travelling to and visiting Italy, it is always about a gastronomy journey too. Italian food, dishes and desserts are so rich in flavours, colours, culture and history that a short visit to the local family-owned restaurant feels like a whole journey across the country. One of the advantages of the country in terms of cuisine is that each and every region and even each community of Italy is offering its own, very characteristic and distinctive gastronomy experience.

Mostly based on the various culture, history and local fresh produce, but when it comes to Italian cuisine, we talk about the perfect blend of thousands of receipts. However, on the Italian table there are a few staples you definitely one to try in their original, most authentic variation, the way your Italian grandma would cook them if you had one. When it comes to Italy, the restaurant scene is as diverse as the cuisine itself, so everything from small, cosy and family-run food establishments, through the street food stands and to the fancy and elegant restaurants is worth visiting. Browse our page to make sure you discover the best restaurants in Italy!

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La Pergola

A breathtaking view of the Eternal City is revealed to guests at one of the world’s most beautiful restaurants. Under the guidance of Heinz Beck it has become a temple of international gastronomy, historically the first and, still today, the only three-star Michelin in Rome. Every dish is a vision; as every recipe is the result of a meticulous analysis of every detail and of every aspect. Singular elements that multiply their value within the sum of the whole they represent.




L’Antica Trattoria

In the centre of Sorrento, directly opposite the beautiful and solemn roman bell-tower of the cathedral, a little street meanders gently downwards flanked by harmonious 14th-century buildings, and to the sound of the bells, one wanders past little craft and souvenir shops until at the end of the road. One finds the dramatically lovely gardens of a hotel, which was once the winter home of Tasso. This is the Via P. Reginaldo Giuliani and where the little street widens, by a graceful small ceramic fountain, you will find the discreet and tempting entrance to “L’Antica Trattoria”.



Il Pirata

The Kitchen as life follows the rhythm of the seasons. It is a balance of simple choices, respect for raw materials, attention to the cooking because eating well is to feel good. Our kitchen as time follows the rhythm of the seasons is made of simple choices, respect and attention of the raw material in the preparation of the food because eating well is to “live well”.




La Bottega del Buon Caffè

La Bottega del Buon Caffè combines classic Florentine style with a relaxed sense of designer elegance and glamour. Designed by renowned international designer, Jeanette Thottrup, the restaurant interior seamlessly combines the very finest elements of both classic and contemporary design. Near the famous River Arno, La Bottega del Buon Caffèalso offers al-fresco dining beneath the magical shadows of the medieval tower of San Niccolò.




Le Volpi E L’Uva

Our selection of wines by the glass is constantly changing, depending on what’s new and available. The menu below is an example of our wine list, availability may differ slightly when you visit. We sell many more wines by the bottle, at the enoteca and through our wine club. We also take great care in selecting the food we serve and we feature a number of cheeses, cured meats, and bread from small, speciality producers. We are driven by our passion for the world of wine and our desire to communicate this. There is nothing better than sharing fun and casual tastings with you so that we can pass on a bit of this passion.



Golden View

The windows light up the Golden View, where one can admire many features of the Florentine Renaissance. With the Ponte Vecchio, the Vasari Corridor, the Uffizi Gallery, and the Arno River all in the background, you can enjoy the stunning view. With 650 square meters and carefully chosen décor, the restaurant feels open and inviting. Our diverse menu includes a variety of options ranging from meat to fish and from seasonal vegetables to Mediterranean specialities. The pizzeria bakes fresh bread throughout the day and prides itself on the classic pizza which proofs for 48 hours.



Aroma Restaurant

A contemporary dining room overlooking the Colosseum and Emperor Nero’s Gardens, Aroma is quite simply a magical rooftop garden restaurant near Colosseum. The stylish decor is welcoming and relaxing, whilst the glass observatory offers an all-year-round dining experience complemented by exceptional cuisine and a breath-taking view. Aroma terrace restaurant is located right in the heart of ancient Rome opposite the Colosseum, the Domus Aurea and the Roman Forums.



Royal Art Café

The Royal Art Café is a modern and multifunctional restaurant that even in the evening also points to entertainment. The aim of the venue is to make their guests eat well and entertain them with eclectic and entertaining weekly programming: piano bar, cabaret, disco, DJ set etc.





Ristoro della Salute

Ristoro della Salute is a historical Pizza Bar Restaurant in the centre of Rome, located right in the beautiful setting of the Piazza del Colosseo. It offers a menu a la carte with several meat and fish dishes, starters, main and second courses, with different side dishes, a variety of salads and a delicious selection of desserts.





Hostaria Al Gladiatore

Hostaria Al Gladiatore is based in the centre of Rome and offers a romantic and evocative view of the Colosseum. Open all day for lunch and dinner, the restaurant offers the best Mediterranean, Roman dishes in particular: carbonara, gricia, amatriciana, cacio and pepper. The atmosphere that breathes inside is intimate but familiar, typical of the former taverns. A sensational journey is carried out among the tastes and flavours of a time, exalted by the best Italian wine labels, both white and red.