Pubs & Bars in Netherlands

Europe has its strong and time-rooted traditions, when it comes to going out, enjoying life and having fun, but when it comes to the Netherlands, we can assume that the local nightlife is some of the main staples of European lifestyle after midnight. In fact, the local nightlife is so exciting, interesting and cool, that turns out to be the biggest attraction and amusement in the country, also the part of the whole experience that attracts tourists and travellers the most. Having a reputation of open-minded people, locals have established a pretty fascinating pubs, clubs and bars scene and we are sure that you will find at least one place to enjoy a lot. A night spent out in some of the biggest Dutch cities could be a pretty eye-opening experience for many first-time visitors too. Make sure to browse our page and explore more about the most legendary European nightlife as well as the best bars, clubs and pubs in the Netherlands.

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XtraCold Icebar Amsterdam

Welcome to the coolest bar in Amsterdam, where our host Willem Barentsz welcomes you into his world as a Dutch explorer. Experience the feeling of living on his ship the Mercury in 1596. Survive the hardships of the extreme cold and be brave enough when the ship strands on the island of Nova Zembla. You will be surprised by the 60 ton of natural ice which is shaped into the coastline of the island.