Restaurants in Netherlands

When it comes to the Netherlands, the country is popular as an extremely wonderful destination for some quality, fresh and very delicious street food staples and creative receipts. However, the Netherlands is not only what you can try, while wandering the beautiful and romantic streets jam-packed with culture. The country also offers a truly impressive variety of restaurants and food establishments, all of them having their unique style and story, each of them offering something special – from really devoted to the traditional cuisine, through some aspiring and innovative chefs exploring fusion alternatives, to completely new, exciting and creative receipts. To add even more to this wonderful blend of colours, atmospheres and flavours, the local cuisine is strongly influenced by the gastronomy interpretations of the neighbouring countries, so when it comes to wining and dining in the Netherlands, you are truly spoilt of diverse choice. The choice is endless, that is why we offer our help and guidance to the best and most popular restaurants in the Netherlands!

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Restaurant Alexander

Restaurant Alexander is One of the Best BBQ Grill Restaurants in The Hague on Denneweg, a very special Grill Restaurant in The Hague Center, with an International, Italian, French and Russian cuisine. We guarantee Professional, Reliable, Excellence in catering service. Freshly prepared, homemade food, made using specially selected ingredients.