Restaurants in Norway

Norway cuisine might not be the most popular one and surely a bit of quirky and unique, not suiting everyone’s taste, but this does not mean that the country has got its fair share in world gastronomy and its strong presence on the restaurant’s scene. In fact, a feast of unusual flavours awaits you in Norway and you should definitely give them a try. From seafood restaurants with always fresh and delicious meals to more specific and traditional cuisine, there are many food places you can visit in Norway. The unique interior of most of the restaurants and food places in the country is contributing even more to a memorable experience, so do not miss to discover all the coolest places on our page!

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Lofoten Fiskerestaurant

At Lofoten Fish Restaurant it is quality, service and expertise which matter. The freshest, top quality ingredients mean that we can present a maritime menu of a high international standard. The restaurant has a bar, a chambre séparée and also a large outdoor area in summer. Our chef creates a wonderful 3-course menu for NOK 550,- per person every Sunday. Come and enjoy our stunning views overlooking the harbour, at the end of Aker Brygge. Dark lobsters swim in an aquarium immediately inside the entrance, and heavenly scents of fish and shellfish waft out into the dining-room from the surprisingly small kitchen a few steps in.



Restaurant 1877

A meal at Restaurant 1877 is prepared with our knowledge and love of food. These are key ingredients to provide you, the diner, with an unforgettable experience. Our menu is built on our close relationship with local suppliers, and commitment to using the best raw ingredients. It is important to us that each course provides a unique experience with its own story.