Restaurants in Poland

Classic Polish cuisine is a result of a rich history, but recently gastronomy in Poland is blooming like it has never done before. With a lot of influence and creative chefs trying new ideas, Polish cuisine gets more and more exciting, so don’t miss to visit some classical and new wave restaurants, when visiting the country. What makes Polish food more interesting and unique than other popular European cuisines are the unexpected flavours – Polish people love to mix their flavours, to spice up dishes with mustard and to add the fermentation hint to their food. Traditional Polish cuisine is all about the home-cooked style and hearty feeling, so visiting as many restaurants as possible when in Poland is mandatory. Do not miss to browse our page and discover some of the best food establishments in Poland!

Recommended restaurants in Poland. Contact us for free inclusion!

Pod Baranem Restaurant

Pod Baranem Restaurant was established in 1997. Since then, we have enjoyed an excellent reputation among our customers, many of whom became our regulars. The cosy design of a bourgeois house is formed by many works of art and antique furniture, which make all our guests feel special. Our restaurant has five air-conditioned, cosy rooms that seat 120 (and up to 130, when booking the entire space). One of the rooms is a smoking room.




Starka Restaurant

Not too far away from lively Plac Nowy hidden a little “treasure” of Kazimierz – STARKA Restaurant. Like vodka Starka – Polish, Traditional, beautiful in colour and flavour. In truly cosy two rooms, with warm red walls, covered by Zille paintings, surrounded by good music, fresh white lilies and intimate candles’ light… No set tables, no white tablecloth, not pretentious at all, just simple modern POLISH FOOD, great drinks and wines and polish hospitality!