Restaurants in Portugal

For the longest time the traditional cuisine in Portugal used to live in the shadow of more popular and well-known European cuisines such as Spanish, French and Italian, but gone are the days, when Portugal was not well-loved for its gastronomy. Today all the fresh and delicious production of seafood, meat, vegetables and fruits is used for preparing creative dishes and fusion receipts that offer the perfect balance between traditional Portuguese food and international influence. Despite the fact that many international cuisines are well-presented in the country, we highly recommend you trying some unique Portuguese places you can explore through our page. Whether it will be fancy dining, family-inspired cosy restaurant or street food vendors, Portugal is surely offering a lot for you to explore and enjoy.

Gambrinus – Over the past 78 years, national and international personalities, artists and politicians have met to enjoy meeting places.

Vila Joya – With a great view of the Atlantic Ocean and right at the heart of breath-taking and romantic spot, restaurant Vila Joya will make you feel like a part…