Hotels in Romania

Romania might not be the first thing popping into your head when thinking of a holiday destination, but the country definitely deserves a second chance and more popularity. With its wonderful seaside resorts and beautiful Black Sea coastline and with such neighbours as Bulgaria and Hungary, Romania is certainly a great place to spend at least one week at.

The Black Sea coast is attracting international tourists with its small, but exciting and fun cities and quality and comfortable hotels on an affordable price. The inland is not less exciting, alluring you with impressive and luscious nature and mysterious stories about Dracula. Overlooking the sparkling water of the sea, or the hilltop castles, it is entirely up to you and how you want to spend your holiday, but in Romania, you can always find a great variety of hotels and accommodation at a very decent price!

Epoque Hotel – We welcome business and leisure guests from around the world, interested in discovering Bucharest or developing businesses in one of the most vivid European capitals.

RIN Airport Hotel – Hotel Rin Airport is one of the best Romanian destinations for travellers from all around the world. Located in a short distance from the main airport in Bucharest.