Restaurants in Romania

Traditional Romanian cuisine has mixed with internationally influenced receipts in the last few decades, giving rise to creative menus at affordable prices and in charming and atmospheric places. This is how Romanian restaurant scene looks like in recent time and you definitely want to try it, when visiting the country. Restaurants in Romania might serve amazing dishes that are recognized for their quality and exciting element equal to the most beloved European cuisines, but also tend to be less sophisticated than the restaurants in the bigger European cities, which contributes even more to their uniqueness.

Charming, having a lot of character and distinctive, Romanian restaurants are quirky and unique. In the capital Bucharest, you can find the most, when it comes to diversity and variety. From aspirational chiefs with their forward-orientated concepts about food and innovative creativeness to the truly traditional and cosy places, here is everything for everyone to be tried and enjoyed. Traditional food is inspired by family, time-rooted traditions and the distinctive Romanian culture and you can wash them down with a glass of delicious wine or the famous plum brandy. Check out which are the hottest places for foodies in Romania by browsing our page!

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Caru’ Cu Bere

Here you can find out everything you want to know about your favourite place. About the place where you can delight your senses with the tastiest dishes and where you can enjoy the beer made by a unique recipe, from 1879. About the place which keeps immortal the spirit of old Bucharest: Caru’ cu Bere!






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