Pubs & Bars in Russia

One of the time-rooted traditions of Russian people is them slowly enjoying their meals and drinks. The slow-paced approach to what is served on the table might seem a bit strange to first-time visitors, but you will soon start enjoying the pleasure it brings and the respect and joy Russia shows to its wonderful food and strong drinks. You can often see locals lingering at their tables for a long time, especially when in the pub or bar, enjoying the company of their friends (and when you are in a Russian bar, everyone around is a friend).

This is how friendly and warm locals are, despite the hardcore winters. However, Russian people are not always that laidback and you will soon discover that they are also very enthusiastic about partying. Steal their lifestyle and enjoy Russian approach towards enjoying life and having fun is the best thing you can do! Make sure to browse our page to explore which pubs, bars and clubs Russians have fun in!

City Space Bar & Restaurant

Strelka Bar