Pubs & Bars in Spain

One of the best things about Spain is that here you can enjoy a great variety of pavement cafes and bars, each of them inviting you with its specific and unique atmosphere and interior, great music choices, laidback atmosphere and amazing beverages and cocktails. After all, where if not in Spain to relax and enjoy life, right? There are not many countries around the planet that can match Spain with its thousands of great places for unwinding, enjoying life, sipping on a delicious drink and having fun.

Spanish people are always passionate and enthusiastic about everything they do and you will be quick on catching up with this lifestyle, so visiting as many bars, clubs and cafes as possible is the highlight of every Spanish holiday. Drinking habits might consider from a region to region, but the main idea is that you are guaranteed to enjoy everything you sip on, no matter the time. Do not miss to check out our page and discover all the great bars and clubs and Spain, where locals love to have fun!

Recommended pubs & bars in Spain. Contact us for free inclusion!

Kinsale Bar

All major sports are also shown on our large-screen HD TV screens both inside the bar and outside on the patio. If you would like to watch a particular event, please ask a member of staff, and if we can show it – we will! Join us every Sunday and selected midweek nights with your choice of music provided by Pete Black’s Retro Roadshow, featuring a wide range of music to suit all ages.





Icebarcelona has become an absolute must-see of the Catalan capital ever since it opened in November of 2007. Frequented by tourists as often as is it by locals, the Ice Bar is a perfect place to enjoy a unique and charming experience. The average visit lasts 45 minutes and includes a jacket, gloves and a cocktail, which comes served in a glass, sculpted from ice, of course. Once you’re shivering (with fun) you can warm up and relax on the terrace.