Restaurants in Spain

One of the most treasurable and enjoyable experiences, when visiting a foreign country is getting to know its cuisine in-depth. Trying all the temptations of a foreign cuisine is definitely a favourite part for many travellers, especially when visiting a country such as Spain that is jam-packed of flavours, spices and colours. Although fresh and naturally tasty products are good enough to make a meal amazing, adding to this all the secret flavours, creativeness and love, as Spanish people do, is going to guarantee that you are going to enjoy food and drinks as you have never been before.

In fact, maybe because of the fact that the country is soaked up in sun almost all year round, or perhaps because of the fact that Spanish people are very passionate and enthusiastic about everything they do, but you can certainly recognize how much of their hearts, souls and creativeness locals put into their food and the way they prepare it and present it. Good to know that Spanish restaurants scene is more than impressive, diverse and affordable. In the country, you can find a great variety of restaurants and food establishments for everyone’s needs, desires and budget, Make sure to browse our page and explore all the best restaurants in Spain!

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Nestled deep in the Atxondo valley, at the foothills of the magical Mt. Anboto, we find Etxebarri. Far from the noise, the restaurant preserves ancient techniques of grill cooking using carefully selected firewood from different trees to work in harmony with the locally cultivated, natural produce, to offer endless possibilities of truly wonderful dishes.






Feeding curiosity, the senses or desire, we seek to satisfy the hunger of risk, game or answers and to satisfy the pleasure of surprise, of discovering and exploring the unknown. To achieve this, we question the logic of the gastronomic world, rethinking the social habits and prejudices. We seek to create a context where diners give free rein to their senses to overcome the imposition of customs.