Pubs & Bars in Sweden

Swedish gastronomy, bar style and culture are racking up column inches in international magazines, websites and blog pages and the reason is very simple – Sweden is not that slowly, but very surely becoming one of the hottest gastronomy and going out destinations for the last handful of years and there is no chance to miss visiting all local bistros, pubs, clubs, bars and cafes, if you are truly a fan of great and unique experiences. When in Sweden, you are truly spoilt for choice with so many great places for noble spirits, creative cocktails and craft beer. Swedish style might be a bit laconic and minimalistic, but when it comes to atmosphere, interior and menus at all the wonderful bars, you will be surprised how much of a thought and soul Swedish locals put into what they do.

Recommended pubs & bars in Sweden. Contact us for free inclusion!

The Liffey

You can find bar The Liffey in the heart of the beautiful and historic city of Stockholm. The bar is a favourite spot for locals and tourists from all around the world, where everyone enjoys live music, pub quizzes, you can watch live sport, or just grab a drink and enjoy a night out.





Nosh And Chow

The guiding principles of our kitchen are always simplicity, authenticity and respect for the raw ingredients. The menu has clear green roots where the dishes change to reflect the ingredients of the season but are always characterised by clear and distinct flavours drawn from food groups such as raw, fresh, sea, land, family and sweet.