Restaurants in Sweden

When we talk about food revolution, the first thing that comes to mind is Sweden! Despite the fact that classic and traditional Swedish cuisine might seem a bit too quirky and overwhelming to the foreigner, the local restaurant and gastronomy scene is simply blooming in the last few decades, mainly thanks to the innovative chefs, international influence, creative minds and modernistic conceptions all blend together to achieve a revolutionary status for Swedish cuisine. Sweden is reinventing itself as a gastronomy European destination and one of the best things you can do when visiting the country is experiencing the local restaurant scene. We help you discover the hottest restaurants in Sweden, simply browse the page!

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Fäviken Magasinet is a restaurant with accommodation. We offer a limited choice of five rooms for our dining guests. All rooms are for two people and cost SEK 2,500 night, including breakfast. Please make your reservation in advance, availability is limited. Check-in is at 5pm and check-out is after breakfast the following day. All rooms have washbasins with shared bathrooms and sauna. Breakfast is served at 9am in the dining room. If you need to depart earlier we will supply you with breakfast to go.



Restaurant Prinsen

An antique feel in a modern setting that puts all their love and attention on food and wine, always with a personal warmth-since 1897! We have been here since then! We celebrate the classic kitchen. We cook from scratch with a French feel, a Swedish mood, and always with the production of highest quality. We are a cultural establishment that has been visited by many artists, authors, workers, directors and travellers since the beginning of the 1900`s.