Hotels in Switzerland

In Switzerland, there are endless hotels and accommodations hosting and catering to a great variety of people – from businessmen, through backpackers, to families and even honeymooners. In fact, the country has so much class, style and beauty that it is attracting so many different people from all around the world, alluring them with its charming landscapes, luxurious mountain resorts, crystal clear lakes and the Swiss Alps ski experience. From smaller scaled and charming boutique hotels to the luxurious resorts, each accommodation in the country is reflecting the elegant Swiss style and the creative and innovative modernistic vision ruling in the country. Although Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries and the world and the standard of living here is not exactly an average one, you can still find some budget-friendly options for staying in and enjoying some quality time.

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Tschuggen Grand Hotel

Uncomplicated hospitality, award-winning cuisine, superlative spa and wellness facilities, breathtaking views, and the luxury of a private mountain railway – a place of unique moments! Spend your skiing or summer holidays in Arosa and make your dreams come true – with your partner, your family or just by yourself for once. Immerse yourself in the stunning mountain scenery before retiring to your home from home, our luxuriously furnished rooms and suites with unrivalled panoramic views.



Palace Luzern

The Palace Luzern with its 111 years of history will close on November 5, 2017, due to renovation in order to present itself in a new light in 2019. We would like to use the opportunity to say thank you for your loyalty and trust in our Palace Luzern. This is not farewell or goodbye but rather a see you soon!