Restaurants in Turkey

When it comes to hospitality, amazing service and extra delicious food, there is hardly any country able to beat Turkey! From simple street food stands and pavement cafes, through family-style diners and home-cooked inspired establishments, to the most luxurious restaurants overlooking land- and cityscapes that just a handful of people can afford enjoying, Turkey is truly why the word diversity is invented for! The best part of the whole gastronomy experience is that no matter if you are going to spoil yourself with some splendour luxury, or you are more of an on a budget eater, you are certainly going to enjoy each and every of the finger-licking and mouth-watering temptations you are going to meet along the way! There are not enough words describing the individualism, tastiness and diversity of the Turkish cuisine and if you are more of a sweet tooth person, then consider yourself being in the heaven!

Mikla – There is a big reason why the Turkish cuisine is one of the top world’s most delicious and popular cuisines and we at Restaurant Mikla would highly enjoy to introduce you to all the reasons!