Restaurants in Acapulco

Acapulco is very popular for its amazing weather almost all year-round, even more, amazing beaches, breath-taking views and picture-worthy setting, but did you know that the resort city has a lot to offer on the food and restaurant scene too? If this comes as a surprise for you, then be sure to browse our page and explore all wonderful places you can dine and wine and celebrate life in Acapulco!

Fresh and delicious seafood can be found in every restaurant and even in the smallest places that serve food here, but if you are up to something more filling, then the fresh and top-quality beef sourced from the states Sonora and Chihuahua is what is going to bring you a lot of pleasure too. But food is not the only best thing here because when it comes to a location, Acapulco is truly spoiling you of choice, with the romantic restaurants overlooking the bay, quirky and unique small places, candlelit and atmospheric tables and the casual beachside restaurants.

Recommended restaurants in Acapulco. Contact us for free inclusion!

Restaurant Zibu

Located in Acapulco, Mexico, overlooking the beautiful Bay of Puerto Marqués, the Zibu Restaurant, rescues the history that Acapulco had in the contribution of spices to the Mexican Gastronomy and carried a step further, making new dishes that fused with Asian ingredients, specially brought for making restaurant menu and create the Tai-Mex cuisine.




Su Casa Restaurant

Su Casa was built in 1971 as a private residence. Through the years and after many nights of glamorous entertaining with friends from all over the world it was suggested that Su Casa would be the perfect setting for a romantic restaurant. Su Casa sits on a mountain-top with a panoramic view of Acapulco Bay. The dining terraces are surrounded by beautiful palm trees and tropical gardens. It’s a dining experience not soon to be forgotten.