Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

In case your time in Mexico is limited, but you still want to experience everything this amazing, colourful and charming country has to offer, then we recommend you visiting Cabo San Lucas. The town is representing a great symbiosis of all the authentic charms of Mexico and this can be easily experienced through the local cuisine that is a mouth-watering mix of traditional and authentic Mexican flavours, tastes and aromas from all four corners of the country.

Cabo San Lucas has grown from a deserted island to be formed by and for tourism, so your great experience here is guaranteed. You will be invited to a lot of hospitality and friendliness to experience the best creations of many traditional and fusion-focused culinary talents. Here you can experience an exceptional gourmet dining even when buying street food, so be sure to browse our page and find all the restaurants and food places that will impress you in Cabo San Lucas.

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The Office on the Beach

Once upon a time in the decade of the 70’s, when our peninsula was a remote and isolated place and a few visitors came to the region, the first —and at that time the only— palapa on the beach was built on the Médano Beach of Cabo San Lucas. On the virgin beach this palapa with its small kitchen and unpretentious bar, tended to the needs of locals and the few tourists we then had, offering simple fares such as ceviche, fried fish, burritos or hamburgers and the always wanted margaritas, Cuba Libres and beers besides the traditional water or coffee.



Edith’s Cabo

Edith’s is a vivid combination of the Cuisine of Baja California with a Guerreran flair, featuring a regional fusion of steaks and seafood with local ingredients. A loving, privileged view of Medano Beach and the world-famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas, candle lights and palapas set the atmosphere for an unforgettable culinary experience. Prime cuts of upmost quality imported beef and freshly-caught local fish and lobster, chicken breast, Caesar salad, Chile Poblano and hand-made tortillas are just a few expressions of the culinary celebration of life in Baja.



Mi Casa Restaurant

The history and culture of each location calls up the mystic spirit of Old Mexico. Life-sized murals depict tales of Los Cabos as it was long ago. Vibrant colors and natural gardens enliven terraced architecture where unique spaces afford intimacy or community – a romantic dinner or group celebration are easily accommodated. Mixed with the aromas of Mexico’s rich culinary history are the sights and sounds of strolling musicians and local entertainers from mariachi to a magician to dancer and more.