Hotels in Colima

A western Mexican city near the Pacific coast, Colima is known as the “City of Palms” and surely lives up to its hype of an amazing resort city for a five-star holiday experience. With a truly holiday setting and attitude all year round, here you will be spoilt with a palmy landscape, sunny weather all year-round and the surrounding of enigmatic volcanos. With its tropical climate, Colima is attracting travellers from all over the world, all year-round with a great selection of luxurious, boutique and authentic hotels. Browse this page to discover all amazing hotels in Colima!

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Hotel Aldama

+52 312 330 7306
Aldama 134, Centro, 2800 Colima, Mexico
We are located in the heart of Colima, just 5 minutes walk you can enjoy the wonders that our historic center and the main gardens have to provide. We have 15 rooms adapted to all the needs of our guests, a restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, laundry so you never go out of wash your clothes and a central patio and terrace, where you can read a book, work or just have a good coffee.


Hotel La Merced

+52 312 312 6969
Benito Juárez 82, Centro, 28000 Colima, Mexico
Hotel La Merced occupies a historic building located in the center of the city of Colima. Our facilities and location make your stay more comfortable and familiar, since we are your best choice for leisure or business trips. We always seek to satisfy the needs of our guests since we always offer excellent service, cleanliness and totally accessible prices.


Hotel Flamingos

+52 312 312 2525
Av Rey Coliman 18, Centro, 28000 Colima, Mexico
Leaving aside the luxuries and excessive elegance, they are characterised by a familiar and homelike atmosphere reminiscent of “home away from home”. Located near the most important tourist attractions and in a central location, it is a very interesting option for those seeking to know the Mexican culture that is experienced in all the streets of Colima. After a long day of work or leisure there is nothing more pleasant than going back to a nearby hotel.


Suites Galván

+52 312 312 6739
Calz. P. Galván Sur 206, Centro, La Garita, 28000 Colima, Mexico
Surrounded by tropical gardens and located in the most beautiful area of Colima city, our 12 fully equipped suites, offer a peaceful and safety environment. We are located in the most beautiful area of the Colima city, our twelve fully equipped suites – offer a pleasant and safe location. Our city welcomes visitors with courtesy and takes you through corners full of history, culture and entertainment.


Hotel Boutique Hacienda del Gobernador Colima

+52 312 312 7964
Gildardo Gómez 128, Centro, 28000 Colima, Mexico
Built in 1883, this home has always been an architectural landmark of Colima. Its imposing structure with columns, arches and high ceilings served a dual purpose in its time. The first, functional, allowing good visibility and better ventilation during warm days and the second social, given the high status of its owner, the building reflected his wealth and political power. We invite you to enjoy a unique atmosphere, where comfort, authenticity and tradition come together to make this historic site the best lodging option, let the magic and charm of this hotel inspire you.