Restaurants in Colima

With an amazing mix of enjoyable cuisines, Colima is truly spoiling all visitors and guests. Here you can enjoy everything, from the freshest ocean’s seafood to the typical ranch dishes of Western Mexico. With over 3000 years of civilization, it is safe to say that Colima offers a truly magnificent culture, a unique cuisine included with deeply-rooted traditions. Here you can find and enjoy a rich palette of restaurants and places to dine and spend some great time, from the five-star, five-course luxury restaurants to freshly made amazing street snacks. Browse our page to explore some of the best places to eat out in Colima!

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Corazón Contento

Corazón Contento is an eco-restaurant, another unique concept in the country, where our processes are taken care of and aimed at causing as little damage as possible to the environment, primarily from our environment and, consequently, from the rest of the planet. For all this is that we work hard and day by day to offer you the best quality and the best taste of the city, with a careful and personalized service and the best environment to enjoy it. This is our proposal, this is what we want for you, this is what we offer in Corazón Contento.