Pubs & Bars in Mexico City

Mexicans have a long tradition of sourcing their products, so the fresh and delicious farm-to-table creations are not limited only to the restaurants, but you can enjoy local and unique production also in pubs, bars and clubs. Whether it will be some of the traditional snacks (that are especially delicious if you are hangover), exotic Mexican cocktails and beverages, or trying a fusion symbiosis of contemporary touches influenced by foreign cultures, Mexican bars and party places are anything, but fun and exciting. The bars in Mexico City are legendary as the city is itself, open until late night (or very early morning) they offer nightlife options for every type of drinker and dancer. Have a quick look at some of the must-visit bars in Mexico City and let the party get started!

Jules Basement – Walking down the stairs of the 93th on Jules Verne St. in Polanco, our refrigerator door keeps alive the best aspect of the Prohibition Era along with the finest musical offer in town.

Cluny Le Bar – Decorated in true “Belle Epoque” style which takes one back to the glamorous Paris of the 1920s, Cluny Le Bar was opened in 2003 and is one of the few venues in the city playing…