Restaurants in Mexico City

If Mexico is popular for something (and the country is popular for many wonderful things, indeed), Mexican cuisine is one of the most outstanding highlights of the country and this fascinating scene is dominated by Mexico City for sure. Gathering a wonderful mix of completely local and traditional with fusion and foreign cuisines, Mexico City is spoiling its visitors and guests with one of the most impressive collections of restaurants.

Here you can find everything you had hoped for, from 5-star luxury dining places, through small and cosy restaurants, to some of the best street food stands in the world. Always fresh and delicious, Mexican food is adding spice and sass to the grey and boring everyday life, so don’t miss to test and enjoy it in one of the many wonderful food places you can learn more about by browsing our website!

Recommended restaurants in Mexico City. Contact us for free inclusion!

El Cardenal

We carry out the craft processes to elaborate our fundamental raw materials. With them, we guarantee excellence in our dishes and contribute to keeping the identity of our cuisine. “El Cardenal” seeks to evoke the Mexican province. Their dishes are representations of traditional casseroles from all over the country, which served at the table with distinction, worthily recreate our popular cuisine. In the breakfasts of “El Cardenal” Mexican tables are recreated. The Chocolate “Doña Olivia”, the freshly baked bread and the thick milk creams, make a delicious combination.




Opened in 2010, Rosetta restaurant is a unique gastronomic proposal by Mexico City Chef Elena Reygadas. In a grand Colonia Roma townhouse, Reygadas offers diners authentic food that eschews excess and flash, moves away from the commonplace and proposes something a wee bit daring, yet utterly unaffected. The ingredients that make up every dish combine with knowledge of the role they play on the plate. Every element is expressed and will add its qualities to the rest. This is cooking where subtle notes sound beside more daring—even atypical—flavors.



Sir Winston Churchill’s

Sir Winston Churchill’s was created in 1972 by Rey Fernandez and his English wife Jane Pearson. They transformed an English Mansion in the heart of Mexico City into a successful Restaurant famous for its delicious Roast Prime Rib of Beef and Beef Wellington. Sir Winston Churchill’s is perfect for a memorable occasion whether it be a business meeting, birthday or family gathering. We would be delighted to assist you in coordinating your celebration in our private dining rooms.




Our mission at Morton’s The Steakhouse is to always exceed our guests’ expectations. As we succeed, we expand our reputation as the World’s Best Steakhouse. As the world’s largest owner-operator of high-end steakhouses, we at Morton’s ask more of the talented, ambitious people we employ. Encouraging genuine hospitality at all times, we strive to create a positive working environment where mutual respect and dignity define every action.




Nobu Mexico City

The concept of the menus we use in Nobu is at the centre to share with your guests. An innovative way to taste different textures and flavours. Each of our dishes has been designed with the intention of bringing the diner to a new experience for all your senses. Chef “Nobu Matsuhisa” has been able to merge Peruvian cuisine rich in condiments and traditional Japanese food in one place, Nobu. Which is why we can offer you the best menus for your events. One of our biggest distinctions are the sakes since we have Sake imported from Japan and one made especially for Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. Our menu of Martinis is very extensive since it combines the exotic flavours of the Nobu Restaurants worldwide.