Restaurants in Playa Del Carmen

Once a small fishing town, Playa Del Carmen, or simply Playa, as the locals call it, has grown into one of the most popular resort places, but kept its traditions in a distinctive and always fresh and delicious seafood. The charming beach town is visited by tourists from all over the world and it is hard to be left disappointed by its distinctive bohemian vibe, laid back, charming and authentic atmosphere. Because of the many influences that mix with the strong local traditions, here, you can enjoy an amazing symbiosis of international receipts and always fresh products.

Contributing to the good impressions, in Playa Del Carmen you will enjoy a rich palette of different places for eating and dining, from 5-star restaurants to small and cosy places that attract people with tempting creations from all over the world. Check out our page for the best restaurants in Playa Del Carmen!

Recommended restaurants in Playa Del Carmen. Contact us for free inclusion!

La Casa del Agua

A unique restaurant that combines the best fusion cuisine with an excellent selected wine list able to satisfy the most demanding taste, which at the same time will be completed if you enjoy it in the perfect atmosphere of your selection; our Bistro style in “La Malagueña”, our “Main Room & Terrace” on the second floor with typed and life music or in our lovely “Roof Garden” on the third floor with an open air area overlooking the ocean and Cozumel island.




Oh Lala!

The cuisine at Oh Lala! is a refreshing change from that of other, more conventional restaurants.  Guests are treated like good old friends in a relaxing atmosphere coupled with personalized service and good food. With a total of 9 tables divided between the indoor and outdoor seating, and an open kitchen, Chef George, Mikaela, and their staff, make sure that every visit to Oh Lala, International Cuisine by George, Is a unique and a delicious one.




Kaxapa Factory

With a total of 9 tables and a capacity of 35 people, the warmth and kindness of the restaurant is our greatest characteristic. Our chef has created more than 25 authentic and flavorful dishes, which we feel will offer a traditional Venezuelan experience. Kaxapa Factory is the perfect place to savour and indulge in our extensive and flavorful Venezuelan menu.




Plank Gourmet Grill & Patio Bar

Looking for a delicious morning with friends and family? Had a late Friday or Saturday night? Then, our signature brunch is your new best friend. Our menu is catered to everyone’s tastes, providing a great variety of flavours and dishes. All accompanied by coffee, tea, juice of a classic cocktail each weekend from 9 AM until 2 PM. Feast on our popular Pork Belly Skillet (with poached eggs and cherry tomato) and share our famous Brunch Seafood Tower for 2 persons.




El Muelle Restaurant

El Muelle Restaurant is the place where you will find every day the freshest products. Our Menu is based on surprising our customers every visit, as each visit is different depending on what the Caribbean Ocean decided to provide us. Local Fishermans visit El Muelle every early morning to supply the catch of the day. Chef Charly Parks as a very experienced and professional Chef, select only the best for his costumes. El Muelle concept comes up in order to preserve and continues with Playa del Carmen essence. El Muelle is a small and cosy place, built with freshness and details. Its decoration refers to style, care and dedication in every nook.