Restaurants in Playa Del Carmen

Once a small fishing town, Playa Del Carmen, or simply Playa, as the locals call it, has grown into one of the most popular resort places, but kept its traditions in a distinctive and always fresh and delicious seafood. The charming beach town is visited by tourists from all over the world and it is hard to be left disappointed by its distinctive bohemian vibe, laidback, charming and authentic atmosphere. Because of the many influences that mix with the strong local traditions, here you can enjoy an amazing symbiosis of international receipts and always fresh products.

Contributing to the good impressions, in Playa Del Carmen you will enjoy a rich palette of different places for eating and dining, from 5-star restaurants to small and cosy places that attract people with tempting creations from all over the world. Check out our page for the best restaurants in Playa Del Carmen!