Restaurants in San Jose Del Cabo

Providing many great options for eating out, San Jose Del Cabo really has something for everyone, from atmospheric restaurants that serve authentic Mexican food to places with fusion and even international cuisine, or delicious and fresh street food options too. You will find and enjoy a very laid back and bohemian atmosphere in San Jose Del Cabo, so do not expect fancy 5-star restaurants in this smaller resort town. With a cosy restaurant scene and a lot of respect to national receipts, San Jose Del Cabo is inviting you in a restaurants and dining palette of places, but the most authentic out of them are surely the little al fresco restaurant’s hidden colourful courtyards and sidewalk cafes. Explore all hidden gems with our help!

Recommended restaurants in San Jose Del Cabo. Contact us for free inclusion!

Don Sanchez

After 15 years of contributing, learning and growing within the Los Cabos culinary scene, I still had a burning desire to create a unique platform where we could constantly explore our passion for Mexican food and the culinary arts, fine wine and hospitality; a venue where we could go back to the basics of high quality locally grown, farm to table ingredients, that offered traditional Mexican Cuisine as well as modern techniques and a cutting-edge vision for Baja Cuisine. By creating an optimal space for fine dining in San Jose del Cabo, we hope to share our passion with travellers and locals alike. I hope you enjoy your experience as much as we enjoy creating it!



Jazmin’s Restaurant

Located in the Art District of Downtown San José del Cabo, Jazmin’s Restaurant has a 24-year tradition of serving —locals and tourists— the authentic flavours of the Mexican cuisine. We are open every day from 8am – 10:30pm. If you’ve already seen our menu, you can make an online reservation.





Blue Fish Seafood

At Blue Fish, we’re passionate about serving great seafood with a local taste and the freshest ingredients. Our signature ceviche, sashimi, tostadas and tacos, have made us a local’s favourite since 2011. We have succeeded in creating unique recipes by mixing flavours in each of our dishes.





Sardina Cantina

Close to the ocean, stroll from your seaside accommodation and enter a brick-lined patio with the ambience of an English garden right off Federal Hwy. #1 One of our satisfied customer’s tout that we’re a place where one can bring someone with those “chateau Briand tastes and beer glass pocketbooks.”  A one-stop shopping experience, the flanking businesses of the mini-supermarket and Baja Properties Real Estate may take care of your daily needs within Los Cabos in one parking endeavour.




La Panga Antigua

Enjoy our broad variety of wonderful organic vegetables that we use generously in our delicious innovative contemporary Mexican cuisine. Prepared with a combination of herbs and spices that makes a one-of-a-kind culinary experience with a Mexican flair! Set in the oldest mansion in San Jose, La Panga features the most enchanting al fresco dining in an open courtyard framed by 150-year-old adobe walls and a beautiful garden atmosphere.




El Matador Restaurant

El Matador Restaurant, the pride of Matador Foods represents an unique place in San José del Cabo due to its own nature… Where else in Baja could someone have a look inside the legendary art of bullfighting? What about the singular experience to chat with a professional bullfighter one-to-one? El Matador Restaurant is a very special place where gastronomy has found a different soul by merging the most genuine elements of Mexican and Mediterranean Cuisine, a friendly place in San José del Cabo ideal to amuse all your senses!