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With famous cities, epic landscapes, pop culture icons and enthusiastic locals, the United States has got something for everyone. America is the birthplace of LA, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, Boston and New York City – each a brimming metropolis whose name alone conjures a million different notions of culture, cuisine and entertainment. Look more closely, and the American quilt unfurls in all its surprising variety: the eclectic music scene of Austin, the easygoing charms of antebellum Savannah, the eco-consciousness of free-spirited Portland, the magnificent waterfront of San Francisco and the captivating French Quarter of jazz-loving New Orleans. Each city adds its unique style to the grand patchwork that is America.

This is a country of road trips and great open skies, where four million miles of highways lead past red-rock deserts, below towering mountain peaks, and through fertile wheat fields that roll off toward the horizon. The sun-bleached hillsides of the Great Plains, the lush rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, the sultry swamplands of the South and the scenic country lanes of New England are a few fine starting points for the great American road trip. Veer off the interstate often to discover the bucolic ‘blue highways’ of lore.


Sweet Home, Alabama! Or in case Alabama is not your home, the American state can quickly start being your sweet, sweet travel and tourism destination! Your journey to Alabama will turn into a deep and enjoyable soul journey destination! Whether you are planning a short trip to explore Alabama’s highlights or a beach holiday for the entire family, we help you plan and make the most from your visit. With a range of fast-flowing rivers, waterfalls and crystal clear lakes, Alabama will never bore you offering hundreds of opportunities for great adventures, the most delicious peaches and watermelons and relaxing beaches.




Arizona is a home of sun-drenched lands, deserted remote regions and, of course, the major highlights of American tourism and a reason for thousands of road trips every year – the infamous Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. A land of unique geology with one of the most spectacular views and landscapes in the whole world, Arizona is a top destination equality for enthusiastic and adventurous backpackers and big families too! This American state offers not simply a great adventure, but a true journey to the deepest of the soul with awe-inspiring landscape and major emotional impact on everyone.





The USA is a big place you need a lot of time to explore, but you have to start from somewhere, so why not planning short getaways, an extended vacation or even a road trip with a starting point or final destination the beautiful state of Arkansas? Spading its lands in the heart of the USA, right between South and North, Arkansas is influenced by a great historical and cultural diversity and definitely worth the visit. Along with a great historical heritage as a hot spot of the Civil War, Arkansas offers breath-taking views of windblown hills and the smoothness of the river towns. Atmospheric, distinctive and charming, the American state is a home to picturesque parks, lakes, rivers and welcoming little towns.





We doubt it that you need a reason to visit California, one of the America’s most popular travel destinations, but in case you need a bit of inspiration and motivation for planning your journey to this sun-drenched state, here is a short and honourable mention of the best Californian highlights! Idealized over the world and a top dream destination for all the range of tourism enthusiasts, California is a home of the heavenly scene of endless summer, best surfing spots and lively and buzzing beaches. This combines with the dynamic and glitzy cities, remote deserted regions, old-growth forests and breath-taking sunrises make California is inviting you on a great adventure, so what you are waiting for?





Impressively multicultural and diverse, Colorado is the outdoorsy mountain state that offers a wide-open window of opportunities for adventurers and big families going on an entertaining holiday. Considering the picturesque and atmospheric landscapes of Colorado, we can definitely consider it to be America’s most beautiful state, a true emotional roller-coaster for all lovers of nature, great outdoors and soaring mountains. The state is not beautiful nature only and you definitely need to put it on your bucket list, in case you want to combine an adventurous journey together with the charming ambience of big cities, quirky and historical gold-rush towns, largest beer production in the USA and more. While Colorado is proud of its Western origins, its city culture reminds us of California, very open, friendly and welcoming.




Nicknamed as the ‘Sunshine State’, once you visit Florida you will find thousands of evidence to prove this name right. The state of Florida is everything you imagine from the postcards with tanning tourists and happy children visiting one of the world’s biggest and most impressive amusement parks – Disneyland, but Florida is also above and beyond these images! A top destination for local Americans and tourists from all over the world, Florida is a fascinating mixture of luxurious and overexposed resorts with remote and breath-taking landscapes of luscious forests and rivers, deserted islands and dynamic cities. Young, entertaining and fun, Florida is closely tied to Latin and Caribbean culture, having a charming and passionate appearance.





Bustling with life, or slow and relaxing, sipping some iced tea and chatting on the porch, Georgia is always offering a home-inspired atmosphere and warm and cosy welcome to tourists from all around the world. Let’s explore one of America’s largest states together and help you make the most from your journey to the land of ‘Gone with the wind’ clichés and the birthplace of Martin Luther King. Full of energy and charm, Georgia is a must for everyone that is enthusiastic about exploring a different and unique culture, impressive history of Britain, slavery and freedom and for every lover of nature, because here you can find a beautiful coastline that is stretching its silhouette in hundreds of beautiful scenes and views.





A home of the infamous Windy City Chicago and the exciting and picturesque region of Great Lakes, Illinois is the American state with impressive social and cultural identity and a lot of individual and distinctive style. Blessed with the shores of Lake Michigan, distinguished skylines of the metropolitan cities, a top-rated museum on every corner and a dynamic and buzzing urban atmosphere, Illinois is guaranteed to be a favourite travel destination for a great range of people with different interests and inspiration. The state is also a home of unique regional cuisine and probably the biggest rival to New York, Los Angelis and San Francisco.





Be prepared for a warm and friendly southern welcome and a lot of soul food in Louisiana and let’s explore all the highlights of the state and help you get inspired for your next journey! Hit the road to Louisiana to discover the most quirky, distinctive and unique culture of the USA, or actually a mix of cultures and influences. Louisiana will make your head dizzy just by thinking of all the shades of different cultures and histories you can witness in one place, a land that houses Mardi Gras, voodoo, pirate romances, Pilgrim Fathers, the colourful and wonderful representatives of the unique French-speaking Cajun community with their unique culture and cuisine and, of course, the soulful, rhythm & blues, jazzy and sassy scene of the remarkable New Orleans!





A sun-drenched land of flooding creeks and thickets of bone-dry evergreens, Mississippi is a journey and holiday destination that is a must for blues fans, offering an authentic ambience and atmospheric setting of a heaven of music festivals, quirky and distinctive scenes, charming accommodations and the soulful fine dining. Mississippi is an American state that blends the old-world charm in the historic towns with a fresh and modern culture in the capital Jackson with an effortless and authentic style that will mesmerize you. You will find the locals to be extra friendly and welcoming too. So pack your bag and let’s explore the birthplace of the King Elvis Presley together!



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