Restaurants in Alabama

There is something special about Alabama and, of course, there is something special about the food in Alabama. The way that the whole state was this homely, cosy and authentic vibe, the same could be said and experienced through the traditional Alabama culinary. Classical menus in the state include a lot of family-inspired and home-cooked food, which adds up a lot to the whole unique experience of visiting this beautiful and welcoming state. Most of the restaurants in Alabama are a result of centuries of family traditions, while there are also many places that have grown from modern concepts, creativity and innovations. No matter what type of place you prefer to eat out in, one thing is for sure – you are going to love food in Alabama because it is prepared with a lot of soul and heart! Dive into this world of many wonderful restaurants in Alabama by browsing our website!

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We are a local restaurant chain with 130+ locations in the southeast. We have been in your community since 1960, specializing in breakfast, burgers, hand-breaded chicken fingers and hand dipped shakes.





Takoyaki Restaurant

Come visit Takoyaki Restaurant in McCalla, Alabama and let us take you on a delicious adventure of the finest in Indonesian and Japanese cuisine. At Takoyaki, we feel a family ought to be able to go out and enjoy a fine dining experience without overspending. That’s why you’ll find our prices very reasonable.