Restaurants in Arizona

Sharpen your appetite with wide and diverse selections of delicious meals and culinary innovations in the hot and beautiful state of Arizona. The food-and-drink experience is well-celebrated and well-respected on the local restaurant’s scene that offers a great variety of unique, quirky and always very atmospheric eateries and places. When it comes to the classic food of Arizona, here you can enjoy a lot of comfort and soul food, traditional Southern style, a lot of Mexican influence, but also international influence from all around the world as well as some creative and innovative fusion receipts. Barbeque restaurants, steak houses and burger stalls predominate the local eateries scene, however, if you are looking for some fine dining and 5-star culinary experience, Arizona got you covered! Browse our page and explore the hottest restaurants in Arizona!

Arizona Family Restaurant – 40 years ago we opened a restaurant in Tucson. Several of our customers thought we should check out the little community south of Tucson called…

St. Francis – St. Francis is a comfortable, modern restaurant with a rustic sensibility. We serve seasonal, wood-fired cuisine with an emphasis on quality ingredients and the integrity of simple flavours.