Restaurants in Georgia

Besides the fact that Georgia is famous for its juicy and delicious peaches, this American state is also offering a great and vast diversity of many other delicious options you can enjoy. From hole-in-the-wall, American favourite barbeque to the upscale and more luxurious fine dining alternatives, Georgia is yet another place that knows how to prepare and present food so it is mouth-watering and finger-licking good. No matter if you are up to a bit more sophisticated cuisine, or you are happy with the street food culinary, Georgia will cater for all your needs and desires. No matter the vast diversity of cuisines, classic Southern cuisine delicacies are well-represented and well-respected in this beautiful state. Some of the statements on the table in Georgia are fried chicken, of course, washed down with sweet tea, also the delicious jambalaya, sweet corn, coleslaw, black eyed peas, sweet potato, etc.

Mystic Grill Restaurant – Through highlighting local farmers and hiring locally, our vision is to create a restaurant that will not only provide the Covington community with incredible…

Paschal’s Restaurant – Paschal’s is known for its exceptional Southern Cuisine, upscale atmosphere, and a retro style that gives customers the perfect southern hospitality experience.