Hotels in Illinois

Whether you are heading to the Windy City, south to the historic capital of Springfield, exploring some of the best breweries and pubs in the state, discovering some history and culture, because this is the birthplace of the president Abraham Lincoln, there are so many things to do, explore and enjoy in Illinois. So if you are planning to visit this beautiful and full of culture American state, make sure you are booking the best hotel and accommodation in Illinois by browsing our page and exploring what tourists enjoy and like the most! From fabulous resorts, through the classic American motels and to cosy and charming hotels, in Illinois, you can have the escape and holiday you desire.

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The Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel is rich in history and architectural integrity. Conceptualized by architect Benjamin Marshall, the Nation’s first urban resort came to fruition on the cornerstone of the Magnificent Mile and Lake Shore Drive by brothers John and Tracy Drake. The Drake was known as a city within a city, complete with an array of leisure activities and luxurious amenities within its famed front doors, ensuring every guest received nothing less than The Drake Standard of hospitality.




Hotel Baker

Over the years, the colourful Rainbow Room has featured many famous entertainers, such as Tommy Dorsey, Guy Lombardo, Louis Armstrong and Lawrence Welk. The Hotel Baker has also welcomed guests such as John F. Kennedy, Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley, Gerald Ford and much more. Hotel Baker has recently been restored, creating an ambience reminiscent of its formal splendour. And due to its architectural and historical significance, Hotel Baker is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.