Restaurants in Northern Ireland

With a great selection of traditional, international and fusion restaurants, bistros, cafes and snack places, Northern Ireland is surely standing out on the gastronomy scene with its unique and quirky cuisine options and the atmospheric and charming restaurants you can enjoy them in. Linger over a drink to unwind in the middle of the dynamic big city, enjoy a home-cooked style dish, or a luxurious dining experience, it is completely up to you, because in Northern Ireland you can experience it all!

Creativity of the local chefs and local, always fresh and delicious produce contribute even more to the amazing gastronomy reputation of the country Traditional dishes dominate the restaurant scene, so don’t miss to try the famous Guinness-and-beef pie, steak, chicken and pork, champ, oysters, Ardglass herring, mussels and smoked salmon, but if you want to experiment and go out of your comfort zone a bit more, we recommend you visiting all the internationally influenced fusion places with experimental chefs constantly trying new ideas.

Nando’s – Nando’s is probably the most popular British chain of restaurants that can be found anywhere, always in a…

The Quays – We love to experiment with food and culinary, so we can offer the best out of the best to our clients.

Watermill Restaurant – Come and experience the authentic Irish cuisine and friendliness here at Watermill Restaurant.