Pubs & Bars in Scotland

What do you expect from the country, where whiskey is invented and the best examples of the spirit drink are produced and sold? Of course, in Scotland, you can find and enjoy the best whiskey bars in the world, plus an amazing selection of some tasty beers. Scottish people love them spirits, but they also know how to have fun and celebrate life, which you will quickly witness and enjoy once you visit one of the many amazing, charming and atmospheric pubs around town. Additionally, Scottish people love their beers with a tasty snack, so do not miss to order one of the many famous local temptations, such as fish and chips (don’t worry, calories do not count, when on a vacation). Scottish pubs are a social gathering place and a focal point of all the towns and cities, so make sure you visit as many as possible!

Aulay’s Bar – Here at Aulay’s Bar you can find served a wide selection of traditional Scottish ales, lagers and boasts to suit everyone’s taste and wants.

The Bow Bar – We are a dog-friendly bar, and on most days you may find a furry customer curled up in the corner with his or her’s own drink.

The Jazz Bar – Besides great music and beats, here at the bar you can enjoy a friendly and elegant atmosphere as well as a selection of finest drinks.