About Us

Traveling is a rewarding and exciting experience, indeed. Traveling is also a lifestyle or sporadically event that requires a lot of dedication and passion, especially if you are planning and organizing your own travel experience without any professional help. Furthermore, traveling is not simply the process of getting from a certain point to a certain point, neither hopping on the next flight or train, because traveling is more like the whole experience, from choosing and dreaming of a destination you want to visit for a long time, or you have just discovered, through planning your trip to finally enjoying your journey and bringing all the memories back home. With that being said, travelling is an everlasting and infinite experience you bring to your whole life, even years after you head back home after your last journey.

We understand that the thought and idea of travelling fascinate you. We know that the overwhelming feeling of deciding on your nest destination inspires you. We hope that travelling gives sense, motivation and rewarding experience to your life. Because of that our blog is created for everyone that wants to adopt a travel lifestyle, but seeks for some motivation, or all of you looking for a reason and a way to unleash their travelling curiosity potential, creativity and imagination. Our travel blog is created and dedicated to inspiring people to travel and explore the world as much as possible.

We make sure to collect and come up with the best travel & destination ideas, tips and tricks, recommendations, advice and hacks in order to make planning your next journey easier and more pleasant for you. We also make sure to update you with the latest travelling offers and cover all details and information you need to know when making your way through the dynamic world of passengers, tourists and travelling enthusiasts. We are not a travelling agency, neither are we professional event managers. We are simply as motivated and inspired to explore all charms and beauties this world has to offer as you are. You and we make a pair of like-minded people and this is a good start indeed!

In addition, we would like to connect travel enthusiasts and tourist with the best hotels, restaurants, pubs and bars around the globe that suit everyone’s needs and wishes when abroad. Because of that, we give the chance to a broad variety of such establishments to join our travel site and represent their businesses, introduce their hospitality, uniqueness, quirkiness or traditions to everyone. If you are managing a hotel, restaurant, pub or bar and you want to connect with many people to share what makes your place that special, we give you the chance to advertise your establishment via our online platform and get closer to tourists and travel enthusiasts from all across the world. If you have any questions or need more information about our services you can contact us via our contact form.