Rhode Island Travel Destinations

Top 5 Places to visit in Rhode Island

1. The Breakers – Despite the term “cottage” is often used about the Newport summer houses, the Breakers could not be anywhere more glorious and spectacular than a simple cottage with its 70 rooms spread over five floors in a rather impressive building with a rather impressive surrounding. The Breakers is one more summer home built by the Vanderbilt family, nowadays one of the most popular and visited house museums in the United States. The oceanfront location is simply a blessing and allows for some breath0taking views from the mansion. When the Breakers was completed in 1895, it was the grandest house in Newport and still impresses with its size and beauty to this date.

2. Newport Cliff Walk – Cliff Walk is a trail located on the eastern shore of Newport and also the first National Recreation Trail in New England. The amazing location of this 3-miles long trail allows for some really spectacular views of the Newport shoreline from one side and stunning summer homes of the wealthy ones on the other side. The northern part of the trail is recommended for laidback and relaxing walks, while the southern part is rockier and more adventurous.

3. Old Harbor – Just a scenic ferry ride from the mainland of Rhode Island and you will reach to the charming and atmospheric Old Harbor port town located on the Block Island. There is no way that you will not enjoy the laidback and relaxed atmosphere of this picturesque port that is also a favourite destination for sailing enthusiasts because of its beauty and how safe it is thanks to the protection of a breakwater. While you can spot a lot of yachts and boats floating around, the shoreside is where you can enjoy a bunch of fancy restaurants serving delicious seafood, plenty of shops, and quaint inns.

4. Providence – The infamous Providence is not only the capital of the state of Rhode Island but also the largest and most vibrant city and one of the oldest ones in the entire country. Its amazing location on the head of the Narragansett Bay is yet another reason to make locals feel blessed with their city, while the Providence River is dividing the city and providing some really stunning views and very pleasant Riverwalk and Waterfront Park sites. Once you are tired from walking around, sightseeing, and admiring this beautiful setting, we highly recommend you recharging your batteries with a cup of coffee and a doughnut, because Providence has the highest per capita of coffee and doughnut shops in the whole country.

5. The Elms – The Elms, just like the Breakers, is yet another stunning and must-visit summer house in Newport. Built-in 1898 by the Berwind family, it didn’t cost that much to build compared to the surrounding mansions, however, its amazing architecture, setting, and style are pretty much priceless. The interiors are least to say lavish and beautiful, but the main pride of the Elms are its Classic Revival gardens with marble and bronze sculptures, marble pavilions, fountains, and a magical sunken garden dotted around.