Georgia Travel Destinations

Walk down the cobblestone streets of Georgia’s first city in Savannah, a place filled with southern charm and one of the largest historic districts in the country. Disconnect from the world at Georgia’s Cumberland Island National Seashore which remains preserved in natural beauty with wild horses roaming its beaches. Georgia encompasses two Souths—the Old South of Savannah with its elegant homes, planned squares, and Spanish moss-draped live oaks, and the New South of Atlanta, a bustling high-rise metropolis with enough to keep visitors busy for weeks. For white-columned mansions and romantic visions of the past, look no further than central Georgia. One of the most popular Civil War battlefields is in northern Georgia.

There’s coastline here, too, with lush barrier islands stretching all the way to Florida. The largest state east of the Mississippi River is a labyrinth of geographic and cultural extremes: right-leaning Republican politics in the countryside rubs against liberal idealism in Atlanta and Savannah. Small, conservative towns merge with sprawling, progressive, financially flush cities. Northern mountains rise to the clouds and produce roaring rivers, and coastal marshlands teem with fiddler crabs and swaying cordgrass. Georgia’s southern beaches and islands are a treat, and so are its kitchens, bars, and yes, contradictions.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Georgia

1. Savannah – Savannah is the infamous city in the “peachy” state Georgia. Its tranquil and charming cobblestoned streets, the old oaks shading the city and creating an atmosphere of a relaxed and laidback place, the magnificent antebellum Southern mansions surrounding the city, the white beaches of on Tybee Island, the Civil War re-enactments, the many museums and art galleries, and a bunch of more interesting and curious attractions make Savannah a city you won’t want to miss no matter your age, interests, and preferences.

2. Atlanta – Atlanta is the capital city of Georgia state and it is a buzzing, dynamic, eclectic, lively, charming, and modern place that has the authentic and recognizable Southern spirit at the same time. Atlanta has played a major role in the history of the country and history and culture are a big part of contemporary Atlanta and what gives the city its specific character and a unique blend of cosmopolitan and elegant feel. Some of Atlanta’s highlights include the Atlanta History Center, the former home of Martin Luther King Jr., the 21-acre Centennial Olympic Park, the Georgia Aquarium, the infamous Six Flags White Water waterpark and Legoland Discovery Center.

3. Tybee Island – When speaking of a breath-taking beachfront scenery, Tybee Island is the pride and joy of Savannah. Only a 20-minute drive away from the charming city, Tybee Island is a truly heavenly piece of land featuring five miles of public beaches with ancient sand dunes covered with golden sea oats in the background to complete the scenery in a unique way. Everywhere you go and as you turn every corner on the island you will be surprised by a beautiful view. In addition, there is so much to do and enjoy on the island no matter your age and preferences – from relaxed sunbathing to fun watersports.

4. Cumberland Island – When speaking of the largest inhabited island in Georgia, Cumberland Island is the one and also a popular tourist landmark in the state. Despite not inhabited, Cumberland Island is rich in history and a home to ancient maritime forests, almost 20 miles of untouched and unspoiled beaches, wild horses, and, of course, keeping in account all of that, curious tourists. The past of Cumberland Island goes back to the Native Americans inhabiting the island first, then the land being turned into a plantation, to become the Carnegie family winter retreat later on.

5. Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island – One of the hidden gems of Georgia is the mesmerizing and magical Driftwood Beach, stretching between the Villas By The Sea Resort and Calm Creek Picnic Area and just a short walk from Georgia’s Jekyll Island Campground. Often described as a tree graveyard, Driftwood Beach is miles long and all covered with incredibly shaped dead trees and fallen branches. The beach is simply a photographer’s dream and serves as a perfect spot for wedding photoshoots.