Africa & Middle East Travel Destinations

Whether you’re a wide-eyed first-timer or a frequent visitor, Africa cannot fail to get under your skin. The canvas upon which the continent’s epic story is written is itself astonishing, and reason enough to visit. From the tropical rainforests and glorious tropical coastline of Central Africa to the rippling dunes of the Namib Desert, from the signature savannah of the Serengeti to jagged mountains, green-tinged highlands and deep-gash canyons that mark the Great Rift Valley’s continental traverse – wherever you find yourself on this big, beautiful continent, Africa has few peers when it comes to natural beauty.

The past retains its hold over the lives of many Africans, but just as many have embraced the future, bringing creativity and sophistication to the continent’s cities and urban centres. Sometimes this New Africa is expressed in a creative-conservation search for solutions to the continent’s environmental problems, or in an eagerness to break free of the restrictive chains of the past and transform the traveller experience. But just as often, modern Africans are taking all that is new and fusing it onto the best of the old.

The Middle East is a grand epic, a cradle of civilisations and a beautiful, complicated land that’s home to some of the planet’s most hospitable people. In the Middle East, history is not something you read about in books. Here, it’s a story written on the stones that litter the region, from the flagstones of old Roman roads to the building blocks of Ancient Egypt, and the delicately carved tombs and temples from Petra to Persepolis. This is where humankind first built cities and learned to write, and it was from here that Judaism, Christianity and Islam all arose. Wherever you find yourself, the past is always present because here, perhaps more than anywhere else on earth, history is the heart and soul of the land.

The Middle East’s cities read like a roll-call of historical heavyweights: Jerusalem, Beirut, Cairo, Esfahan… Aside from ranking among the oldest continuously inhabited cities on earth, these ancient-modern metropolises are places to take the pulse of a region. It is in the Middle East’s cities, too, that you find the stirring, aspirational architecture that so distinguishes the three great monotheistic faiths. There they sit alongside the more secular charms of bazaars and coffee shops that seem to embody all the mystery and storytelling magic of a land that gave us The Thousand and One Nights.

Looking to book the perfect Africa or Middle East holiday? Look no further, because here we aim to inspire you to explore some of the most exotic, exciting, impressive and quirky destinations and enjoy a lifetime journey you will never forget! Experience Africa’s breathtaking landscapes and Middle East’s oldest history and luxury with our help.



When visiting Egypt you will witness something that not many countries across the globe can offer – how the ancient Egyptian civilization has left so much precious heritage and a legacy so stunning that is a real treasure for tourists and explorers from everywhere to enjoy and be impressed by nowadays. Truly stunning and mystical, Egypt is offering all sorts of tourism, whether you prefer to explore the ancient pyramids and all myths lingering around these monuments, you are enthusiastic about an adventure in the desert or on a boat on Nile river, or you are planning a relaxing holiday in a luxurious resort. We help you discover all wonderful activities and experiences the country is offering, simply have a look at our travel guides.





Following the ancient and sacral paths of the oldest religions and cultures of the world, our journey leads us to the truly enigmatic, enchanting and age-old lands of Israel – a holiday destination worth exploring by all adventure and treasure hunters around the world. Secreted away from all the hassle and buzz of the dynamic and popular holiday destinations, Israel is more a journey of your heart and soul than for your body. In a maze of streets too narrow for cars of the ancient towns and villages you will find a truly fascinating history and heritage, while the main boulevards of Tel Aviv will lead you to a conclusion that Israel is balancing new and modern with old and tradition in a great harmony.





The rough beauty of Jordan is what can make your heart skip a beat! Richer in history, culture and heritage than any other place under the sun, the region of Jordan is the Middle East’s most enticing and enchanting destination for all sorts of tourism. From the dramatic red sands of the desert, through the magical Petra and the volcanic basalt in the east to fresh and vibrant olive hills in the north, Jordan will surprise you with impressive diversity and a vast range of adventures and activities. Encounters with numerous civilizations, religions and cultures have left Jordan a precious land of an intriguing patchwork quilt of traditions and landscapes.





From deep blue to vibrant red, from golden tones to all shades of turquoise, from reef-fringed exotic beaches to deserts, from mountains to savannahs, from remote villages with charming cultures and quirky traditions to modern cities of progress and innovation, Kenya is surprising with every turn you take, makes you feel dizzy with such an impressive diversity, variety and vastness. Kenya is definitely red continent’s compelling destination, unexplored, remote and foreign while welcoming, open and familiar. We help you explore Kenya’s best features, activities and experiences and plan an unforgettable adventure.





Vibrant, vivid, lively, colourful, everything we say about Morocco won’t be enough to describe country’s distinctive culture, mesmerizing oriental architecture, rich historical heritage and amazing cuisine. Morocco can be an overwhelming destination for many, but it is a definitely rewarding experience, an adventure you will remember for a lifetime scented in a harmony of spices. Morocco is a lot more than sounds, flavours and smells, because beyond the deep blue and vibrant orange walls of the ancient cities you can find a truly mesmerising diversity of nature’s heritage, from the fertile folds of the mountains, where flowers and ingredients for perfumes are growing, through the enigmatic sparkling sands of the desert to the Atlantic coast.




South Africa

A vast and diverse variety of cultures, languages, religions, traditions and people, South Africa is more than a holiday destination, but a really exciting adventure. The border of the world, South Africa is perhaps an unexpected journey, but always a rewarding one and we want to help you discover all advantages and stunning features of a country so young and so old at the same time. From the remote desert lands to the fertile vineyard-covered mountains, from the dynamic cities to the attractive coastline of the Indian Ocean, South Africa is a bit overwhelming in its diversity but truly very exciting and travel-worthy.





Far off the tourist trail, Tanzania is offering a once in a lifetime experience. Tanzania will surprise and impress you with rich colours, light and a vibrant life in every scene you will witness. From sunrise to the deepest of the night, Tanzania will offer a warm welcome to everyone and will offer a safari through life’s most exciting adventures. We want to help you have a memorable experience and plan your holiday in the country, where birds of all sizes and colours dance in the bright blue sky.




The United Arab Emirates

A home of seven wonderful Emirates, it is hard to decide where to start with, when planning your journey to the United Arab Emirates, but we help you make sure you are not missing not a single thing from all the lavish and luxurious life that reigns here, or the adventures and exciting experiences you can enjoy in Middle East’s top travel destination. From the extravagant and avant-garde architecture of the ‘City of Gold’ Dubai, through the constant flows of tourists through the spice and carpet markets of Abu Dhabi to safari through deserted lands, lively beaches, exciting nightlife and activities for the wealthy one, UAE is truly offering everything!