Vermont Travel Destinations

Top 5 Places to Visit in Vermont

1. Burlington – If you are an ice cream lover you know that Burlington in Vermont is your ice cream heaven because it is the hometown of the infamous Ben and Jerry ice cream company. Admit it, you really need to visit Burlington! The town is located on the shores of Lake Champlain so you can expect it to be a heaven for watersport enthusiasts too. Church Street Marketplace is the four-block pedestrian mall of Burlington with a plethora of cute and unique shops and a variety of festivals throughout the year, ranging from pumpkins and beer to art. Burlington is also hosting one of the largest and most popular farmer’s market in Vermont.

2. Stowe – Stowe is a city that will keep you busy and entertained no matter when you visit it. The city offers plenty of opportunities for skiing and snow sports in the winter and a variety of festivals once the weather gets warmer, including art shows and featuring balloons. One of the biggest and most popular festivals is the September’s British Invasion when you can spot all sports and models of British automobiles in the city. In addition, Stowe is a must-visit destination in case you are a Sound of Music fan.

3. Champlain Islands – When you are looking for outdoor fun, the Champlain Islands is one of the best places you can head to when in the state of Vermont. Champlain Islands is an archipelago located in Lake Champlain, with a total of 30 miles, and separating Vermont and New York. The islands are all reachable by a ferry and provide one of the most scenic and spectacular routes in the state. If you visit in the summertime, the islands offer opportunities for camping and also visit the state’s first vineyard or cycle the beautiful Island Line Trail. Wintertime offers plenty of fun activities including ice-fishing.

4. Grafton – Grafton is considered to be one of the most beautiful town in New England. The history behind its name is very interesting too. The town was originally known as Thomlinson, but the right to rename the town was a subject of a bet for $5 and some rum in the action. Later on, the winning bidder named it after his hometown and here is how Thomlinson became Grafton. Nowadays, Grafton has not seen a lot of architectural change compared to 1-2 centuries ago, as the original houses and buildings have been restored in their original glamour and majesty. Some of the most iconic destinations in the town include the Grafton Inn that runs as a hotel since 1801 and the iconic White Church that was built in 1858.

5. Killington Resort – If you fancy some very adventurous and scenic skiing, Killington Resort is the right place to head to when in Vermont. Killington Resort’s slopes are located on the state’s second highest mountain and it is popular as the “beast of the East” thanks to it’s the largest vertical drop in New England. Killington Resort is the largest skis area in the eastern United States since its establishment in 1958. The Killington peak may be the highest skiing point in the area, however, the resort offers skiing opportunities across the impressive six mountains.