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When planning your own vacation or a short trip there are so many factors to think of that it turns out kind of discouraging and half of the excitement for the upcoming journey fades away as quick as your gelato ice cream would melt under the summer Tuscan sun. As your last resort you may consider the idea of turning to a travel agent and leaving him or her dealing with all the stress and hassle of booking tickets, hotels, etc.


Where to Find the Best Travel Deals

Thinking that travelling is a very expensive thing is what many people tend to do, despite the fact that in almost all cases, travelling worth it to the last penny. In fact, travelling could be expensive, especially if you are not familiar with useful tips and tricks for finding amazing...


How to Travel on a Budget

For many people travelling is a pretty expensive luxury their spoil themselves with not that often as they would like to. In fact, travelling even to a nearby country, or even to the next big city can be pretty expensive, but only because you do not know how to travel...


Package Holiday vs Independent Travel

If Hamlet was an enthusiastic traveller instead of a king’s son, the big questions he would most probably struggle with all the time would be whether or not a package holiday or an independent travel is a better choice, instead of the ever so popular: “To be or not to...


9 Ways to Make You Feel Traveling… Without the Traveling Part

Yeah, we understand you… it is this time of the year when your budget is pretty much on the cutting edge of bankrupt. With all the Christmas gatherings, New Year’s celebrations, presents for your friends and close ones, food and holiday feasts and all that jazz, your budget is probably...