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How to Travel on a Budget

For many people travelling is a pretty expensive luxury their spoil themselves with not that often as they would like to. In fact, travelling even to a nearby country, or even to the next big city can be pretty expensive, but only because you do not know how to travel...


Budget Traveling With Children – The Survival Guide Edition

Oh, the good old travelling with young children… and older children… well, children in general! On the Balkans, they have their proverb for cases like this exactly – visit the public bath with your children and you can expect them to eat the soap! In fact, when travelling and going...


The Most Budget-Friendly European Airlines

Traveling might be an expensive pleasure, but it is surely a pleasure that everyone wants to experience every now and then… or all the time. In fact, investing your money into traveling and such kind of experiences abroad is one of the smartest things you can do ever, however, there...