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10 Best Places to Visit and Stay in Sydney this Summer

Summer is the most-awaited season for everyone around the globe. Just like all the seasons in the world, there’s something in summer that makes it very distinct and special. People are able to do lots of things and activities they can’t do during other seasons, as well as places they...


Top 20 Strangest Places in the World – Part 1

We are lucky people to live in the world we live, full of so many extraordinary, beautiful, special, unique, quirky and exciting places that we could visit just in a few hours flight or ride. It is amazing to know that a new adventure awaits around the corner and that...


10 Best Student-Friendly Routes – Part 2

Welcome back to part two of the best student-friendly routes series. Here you can find more ideas and inspiration how to travel when you are on a budget and more specifically – when you are on a student budget. The truth is that a tight budget is no more an excuse...