Alabama Travel Destinations

Alabama is one of the greatest food destinations in the USA. Here, you can sample slow-cooked Southern dishes, elegant fine dining and fresh Gulf of Mexico seafood. Alabama is filled with unique destinations that will thrill the whole family. Tour grand, columned antebellum homes located across the state. Visit space and motorsports museums for a visceral thrill. Head to Phenix City for exciting whitewater rafting. Scenic mountains and waterfalls are found in Mentone, Fort Payne and Gadsden.

Perhaps such a struggle and all of the nobility and desperation it entailed was bound for a state like this, with its Gothic plantations, hardscrabble farmland and fiercely local sense of place. From the smallest hunting town to river-bound cities, Alabama is a place all its own, and its character is hard to forget. Some visitors have a hard time looking beyond the state’s past, but the troubling elements of that narrative are tied up in a passion that constantly manifests in Alabama’s arts, food and culture.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Alabama

Birmingham, AL

1. Birmingham – Despite not the original English city, Birmingham in Alabama is named after its British namesake and was founded during the Civil War Reconstruction. Birmingham is the largest city in the state of Alabama nowadays and once been the largest industrial area of the south, you can explore a lot of remains of Birmingham’s previous glory. The city is also the cultural capital of the state and some of the highlights of visiting the American Birmingham include Birmingham Museum of Art (the largest one in the southwestern United States), seven theatres of performing arts such as ballet, opera, and, of course, theatre performances, several film and music festivals, including the Sidewalk Moving Picture.

Gulf Shores, AL

2. Gulf Shores – Gulf Shores is a popular destination on the Gulf of Mexico and one of the most popular in Alabama. The Gulf Shores is a great place whenever you fancy some fishing, dolphin watching, and even play golf at two of the top world-class courses. In addition, it is a great idea to take a sunset cruise and admire the beauty of the surrounding ocean or take the whole to a water amusement park. Visiting the place in April is highly recommended for people who enjoy amazing world-class parties.

Huntsville, AL

3. Huntsville – Mainly associated with the US space program, Huntsville is a city in the state Alabama popularly known as the “Rocket City”. Chemical munitions facilities left from the Second World War were converted to NASA’s Manned Space Flight Center. In addition, the first US satellite was launched from Huntsville in 1958. So if you are interested in the past of the American space history and administration, Huntsville is the right place to go.

Little River Canyon National Preserve, AL

4. Little River Canyon National Preserve – The Little River Canyon is one of the most unique and special landmarks in Alabama, often described as the deepest canyon east of the Mississippi River, while the Little River passing through the canyon is believed to be the longest river in the USA that runs atop of a mountain. In a nutshell, the Little River Canyon may not be the deepest one in the world but is it indeed a spectacular landform in the southern Appalachian Mountains and a home to many unique wildlife species.

Orange Beach, AL

5. Orange Beach – Orange Beach is a resort city located on Alabama’s Gulf Coast border with the state of Florida. In case that relaxing, chilling out, having fun, and soaking up some sun is your thing, then make sure to add visiting Orange Beach to your list because this is the right place to pamper yourself. The city also offers a bunch of water activities to introduce some adrenaline to your relaxing holiday. Dolphin spotting is another great activity you can enjoy in this Alabama’s city while visiting the Orange Beach Islands are a popular spot for watersport enthusiasts.