Nevada Travel Destinations

Top 5 Places to Visit in Nevada

1. Las Vegas – Of course, not a single list of must-visit destination in the state of Nevada will be completed without mentioning the iconic and glorious world’s capital of gambling and entertainment – Las Vegas. Las Vegas really does have something for everyone and by this we mean… EVERYONE! Las Vegas definitely possesses a specific and unique charm and deserves a visit at least once in a lifetime. The main road of the city is called The Strip and it is fringed by enormous and colourful hotels with different styles, gambling spots, live show venues, restaurants, clubs, and bars from both sides. Big-name shows and world-class restaurants will keep you entertained every day but there is so much more to choose from when looking for entertainment in this city that never sleeps.

2. Lake Tahoe – The second most popular destination in the state of Nevada after Las Vegas is without a doubt the Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is located right on the border between Nevada and California and it is a truly beautiful piece of oasis in the middle of these deserted lands. The location is the spot where popular cities such as South Lake Tahoe and Stateline blend together and where you can view the largest Alpine lake in the USA. The Heavenly Gondola is operating all year-round and allow you the best opportunities for taking some amazing pictures. There are also boat tours such as Tahoe Queen that take you right into the lake.

3. Valley of Fire State Park – Located just 80 km northwest of Las Vegas is where you can enjoy the unique beauty and unusual appearance of the Valley of Fire State Park. A home to some truly phenomenal landmarks and atmosphere, this state park reminds us a lot about the surface of the planet Mars as many other visitors and tourists conclude from a first sight. The majority of this landscape is photo-worthy, however, there are some highlight spots in the Valley of Fire State Park that you should definitely visit including the Rainbow Vista, the White Domes and its quirky and interesting sandstone formations, and more.

4. Lake Mead National Recreation Area – When summer months roll around Lake Mead National Recreation Area becomes a top destination to visit when in the state of Nevada. Considering how high the temperatures use to get in summertime, there is no wonder that the much cooler and fresher setting of the lake is a favourite place for many. Lake Mead is created only 80 years ago by the construction of the Hoover Dam, Mead is one of the largest artificial lakes in the country and boosts a few amazing marinas. Renting your own motorboat or trying out some of the many watersport opportunities in the lake are just a few of the options for spending some quality time when in the area. However, one of the best and most adventurous ways to explore Lake Mead National Recreation Area is by kayaking from the Willow Beach to the Colorado River.

5. Reno – Reno is clearly a destination worth visiting when in Nevada and in case its nickname of The Biggest Little City in the World is not enough of a reason for you, you will definitely enjoy the many opportunities to have fun in this city on the smaller scale. Located just 45 minutes away from the Lake Tahoe and at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, this little city with big ambitions caters for everyone’s needs, interests, and passions. With several nightlife, and surreal buffets are abundant, the vibrant Latino neighbourhood South Wells Avenue and its authentic delicious food and music, and stops such as the modern Reno Central Library, Reno is definitely a mandatory stop when in Nevada.