Arizona Travel Destinations

From road trips and outdoor thrills to rejuvenating resorts and authentic local cuisine, Arizona teems with exciting travel adventures. Experience the exhilarating scenery, including the majestic beauty of the Grand Canyon National Park and the Sonoran Desert. Arizona is made for road trips. Yes, the state has its showstoppers – Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, Cathedral Rock – but you’ll remember the long, romantic miles under endless skies for as long as you do the icons in between. Each drive reveals a little more of the state’s soul: for a dose of mom-and-pop friendliness, follow Route 66 into Flagstaff to understand the sheer will of Arizona’s mining barons. Take a twisting drive through rugged Jerome and American Indian history becomes contemporary as you drive past mesa-top Hopi villages dating back 1000 years.

Experience the Old West by visiting the ghost towns and boomtowns – shoot-out at the OK Corral reenactment, anyone? – that established it. Tour a mining museum or enjoy a Western-themed amusement park, then savour a steakhouse dinner. Immerse yourself in the cowboy lifestyle by staying at a guest ranch. You’ll also find the American Indian influence everywhere, from rock petroglyphs to silver and turquoise jewellery in high-end shops; that’s because 22 tribes live there. Some Native American reservations, particularly Aztec and Navajo, are open to the public.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Arizona

Grand Canyon, AZ

1. Grand Canyon – What would be a journey through the USA without visiting the biggest, most popular tourist highlights in this vast and endless country – the Grand Canyon. The home of this most famous landmark in the country and one of the most massive nature wonders in the world is the state of Arizona that is often called the Grand Canyon State. There is no doubt why the state prides in this attraction. The best way to get around this massive nature wonders is by a shuttle bus that is free and will take you around the South Rim. In case the North Rim is the part you want to visit, the best way of exploring is with a car.

Sedona, AZ

2. SedonaSedona is, indeed and without any doubt, one of the most beautiful and spectacular cities not only in the state of Arizona but also in the whole entire country. It is a real heaven for outdoor enthusiasts, photographers, adventurers, and adrenaline-seekers since Sedona shies bright and gets all of the attention with its famous red rocks and hiking trails (mostly in the Red Rock State Park). Do not miss to explore the energy vortexes that are believed to emit energy from the earth, but the unique feeling of these curious rock formations is something you should experience yourself.

Tucson, AZ

3. TucsonTucson is the perfect destination for sun-seekers since the city enjoys more than 300 sunny days annually. Despite not the best place to spend your Christmas at, Tucson offers perfect opportunities for a chill-out, relaxed, enjoyable, and very sunny holiday by the pool. However, sun-soaking is not the only activity available in the city, since you can make sure to spend some time in spotting the regional wildlife species in the enormous Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, take a drive along the Mount Lemmon Scenic Byway, enjoy plenty of authentic and extra delicious Mexican food options, and so much more.

Phoenix, AZ

4. Phoenix – The capital city of Arizona state, Phoenix is a fifth largest city in the USA, a lively, buzzing, dynamic, and hectic place that offers a lot to enjoy, explore, and experience. Some of the activities you can invest your time into while in Phoenix include enjoying world-class golf courses and spas, visiting interesting attractions such as the Musical Instrument Museum and the Desert Botanical Garden, enjoying the diverse restaurant and culinary scene in the city that is a result of the equally diverse population calling Phoenix a home.

Flagstaff, AZ

5. FlagstaffFlagstaff is way more than just a stop of your road trip to Grand Canyon. Flagstaff is, in fact, surrounded by enough natural wonders to turn into a tourist destination on its own. To the north of the city is where you can see the San Francisco Peaks and the Arizona Snowbowl, while the east houses some ancient dwellings at the Walnut Canyon National Museum. Make sure to reserve a whole day for exploring the historic downtown of Flagstaff that sits on what is known as the infamous Route 66.

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