Northern Ireland Travel Destinations

In peace, Northern Ireland has staked its rightful claim as one of the most beautiful, memorable and cultural regions to be found anywhere on the island of Ireland. Nowhere is Ireland’s recent history more strongly felt than in the North, and a tour of Belfast, in particular, would perhaps be incomplete without taking this into account. Northern Ireland is an underrated and often overlooked region that usually surprises visitors with its memorable scenery and friendly people. While it shares an island with the Republic of Ireland, when you cross into Northern Ireland, you’re crossing an international border into the United Kingdom.

While the transformation may be less striking than in Belfast, Ulster’s second city has benefited from significant regeneration in the past few years. While the average tourist visit to Derry, at three nights, is perhaps more than most visitors really need, a one-day stopover will be very rewarding, especially for students of recent Northern Irish history. For those who prefer the great outdoors, Ulster has scenic beauty to rival not only the Republic to the south but almost anywhere in the world. Heading for the Giant’s Causeway and the Antrim coast, prepare to be amazed: here you will find some of the greatest coastal views any Irish photographer could hope to capture.

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