Egypt Travel Destinations

With sand-covered tombs, austere pyramids and towering Pharaonic temples, Egypt brings out the explorer in all of us. Visit the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, where Tutankhamun’s tomb was unearthed, and see the glittering finds in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Hop off a Nile boat to visit Dendara, Edfu or one of the other waterside temples, cross Lake Nasser to see Ramses II’s masterpiece at Abu Simbel, or trek into the desert to find the traces of Roman trading outposts. You never know – your donkey might stumble across yet another find, for that is the way many previous discoveries were made.

Egypt has grown to become the modern hub of Africa; the country boasts numerous airports, ports and modern marinas, and major cities are connected through a network of newly built highways. Moreover, telecommunications and Internet services in Egypt are booming, providing the needed infrastructure for the constant development of the country. The old saying that Egypt is the gift of the Nile still rings true: without the river, there would be no fertile land, no food and a lot less electricity. Although people’s lives are increasingly physically detached from the water, the Nile still exerts a uniquely powerful role. Luckily for visitors, the river is also the perfect place from which to see many of the most spectacular ancient monuments, which is one reason why a Nile cruise remains such a popular way to travel. Travel to Egypt to see breathtaking temples, fascinating mummies and stunning artwork. Ancient Egypt is truly a cradle of civilization.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Egypt

1. Giza Necropolis – Of course, this wouldn’t be a rating linked to places to visit in Egypt if we don’t mention the Giza Necropolis and the pyramids. The pyramids are not only the most popular symbol of Egypt but also one of the wonders of the world and probably one of the best-known and most popular architectural compositions on the planet.

2. Luxor – A Thousand years after the pyramids rose from the flat land, the New Kingdom arose in Egypt and the capital was shifted from Memphis to Thebes that is a part of the modern-day city Luxor. Of course, when visiting Luxor you can expect a deep dive into the medieval history and original culture of the country. But Luxor is also a great place to visit because it is more laidback and relaxed, not highly crowded, and with great opportunities to enjoy the spectacular desert and river scenery.

3. Cairo – The capital city of Egypt Cairo is located near the delta of Nile River and ticks all the boxes of a modern-day cosmopolitan capital city with its busy, bustling, and vibrant vibe and lifestyle. The history of the city is long and turbulent and adds even more to the uniqueness of the place by mixing new and old, modern and original.

4. Aswan – Aswan is the southernmost city of Egypt and a mid-sized, very charming, and laidback one located north of the beautiful Lake Nasser. Compared to Luxor, Aswan cannot be that proud of monument and ruins of the ancient history of the country, but this atmospheric city is a great getaway to exploring the temples of Philae and Kabasha and to the Sun Temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel.

5. Dahshur – Located in the desert, right on the west bank of Nile River and approximately 40 kilometres south of Cairo, Dahshur is a necropolis and the better place for exploring even bigger pyramids than those in Giza and Saqqara because of its more tranquil and relaxing scenery.

6. Sharm-el-Sheikh – Sharm-el-Sheikh is, indeed, the most popular holiday resort inside the borders of Egypt. It is located on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. The city is definitely one of the best destinations for diving sports on the planet.

7. Siwa Oasis – Approximately near the western border of Egypt, Siwa Oasis remains culturally isolated from the rest of the world right up to late in the 19th century. However, nowadays Siwa Oasis is a very popular tourist destination and its popularity is increasing more and more. The town is popular with its freshwater springs, palm groves, ancient mud-built fortresses.

8. Dahab – Located on the Gulf of Aqaba and near Sharm-el-Sheikh, Dahab used to be a small and isolated coastal village back in the past, turned into a popular hippie hangout spot in the 80s, and nowadays today continues to cater for the needs of all sorts of tourists with its cheaper accommodations, laidback lifestyle, the Red Sea, the Sinai desert, and many opportunities for unique experiences such as diving, rock climbing, desert trek with the Bedouin.

9. Alexandria – Alexandria is popular as the busiest port and transportation hub in Egypt. The city is built back in the 331BC by Alexander the Great and it brings his name and was once considered as the crossroads of the ancient world. Unfortunately, the most spectacular sites of Alexandria has been destroyed by devastating earthquakes in the 14th century.

10. Hurghada – Once a small fishing village, nowadays Hurghada is a popular summer holiday destination because it is located next to the Red Sea and a proud home of a bunch of wonderful sandy beaches. Among the most visited destinations in Egypt, Hurghada is especially popular for diving opportunities.

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