Montana Travel Destinations

Top 5 Places to Visit in Montana

1. Glacier National Park – Glacier National Park is Montana’s epitome of dramatic landscapes and jaw-dropping views. The national park is located right on the border with Canada and it is connected to the Canadian Waterton Lakes National Park. This top nature destination in Montana offers an unforgettable meet with the specific flora and fauna of the state. In addition, with more than 700 miles of beautiful trails, the Glacier National Park is a true treasure for hiking enthusiast, however, shuttle and guided tours are available for the less adventurous ones. Some of the most popular trails in the park are the Trail of the Cedars and the Huckleberry Mountain Trail.

2. Bozeman – Bozeman is a popular tourist destination in the state of Montana mainly because it is a home to the Montana State University and a great base point for a Yellowstone National Park getaway. The natural scenery is a major draw to the city, but Bozeman is also attractive because of its historic, art, and cultural sites and must-visits. Some of the top attractions in the city include the Pioneer Museum, the Museum of the Rockies, the Emerson Center for Arts and Culture, and the impressive American Computer Museum.

3. West Yellowstone – Yellowstone is, in fact, one of the most popular tourist attractions and national parks in the USA and despite the fact that a big part of this famed place is located in the state of Wyoming, the western entrances to the park are located in the state of Montana. In addition to serving as an entry point to this incredible, majestic, and simply jaw-dropping national park, West Yellowstone is also a home to a bunch of attractions including the Old Faithful, interesting collections in the Yellowstone Museum, great souvenirs in the charming shops along Yellowstone Ave, and atmospheric restaurants located on Faithful Street.

4. Flathead Lake – Flathead Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River and is located just 15 minutes south of Montana’s city Kalispell. Flathead Lake is formed by glaciers and a connection to the glorious past of Montana’s nature. Outdoor enthusiasts will particularly enjoy visiting the area as it offers many great opportunities for hiking, sailing, and horse riding. The farmer’s markets near the lake offer delicious fresh cherries during the summer months.

5. Whitefish – Head a bit north from Kalispell and you will reach to charming winter resort Whitefish that is mostly known as the perfect getaway to the Glacier National Park. Whitefish is located in the Flathead Water and shares its past with the Flathead Lake, formed by a glacier activity, which means an abundance of freshwater in the surrounding area in the form of stunning steams and picturesque ponds. Outdoor activities in Whitefish are endless as the majority of the attractions in the region are natural, so make sure to spend your time fishing, skiing, or kayaking.