Argentina Travel Destinations

Studded with outstanding natural wonders and endowed with one of the world’s hot-list cities, Argentina is a vast and varied land. Tapering from the Tropic of Capricorn towards the tip of Antarctica it encompasses a staggering diversity of terrains, from the lush wetlands of the Litoral and the bone-dry Andean plateaux of the Northwest to the end-of-the-world archipelago of Tierra del Fuego. Its most emblematic landscapes are the verdant flatlands of the Pampas and the dramatic steppe of Patagonia, whose very name evokes windswept plains inhabited by hardy pioneers. Arriving in Buenos Aires is like jumping aboard a moving train.

Outside the taxi window, a blurred mosaic of modern metropolis whizzes by, and then the street life appears – the cafes, the purple jacaranda flowers draped over the sidewalks (in spring!), and porteños (residents of Buenos Aires) in stylish clothing, walking purposefully past handsome early-20th-century stone facades. And it’s not just Buenos Aires that’s a stunner – Córdoba, Salta, Mendoza and Bariloche each have their unique personalities and unforgettable attractions, so don’t miss them. Satisfying that carnal craving for juicy steaks isn’t hard to do in the land that has perfected grilling wonderfully flavorful sides of beef. Parrillas (steak restaurants) are everywhere and will offer up any cut you can imagine. And if you’re a fan of pizza and pasta, these Italian staples are ubiquitous as well.

But there’s more – in Buenos Aires, you can experience a huge variety of ethnic cuisine, from Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern to Scandinavian. Down it all with that famous Argentine wine, and you’ll be struggling to maintain your waistline. Tango is possibly Argentina’s greatest contribution to the outside world. And what about fútbol (soccer)? Argentines are passionately devoted to this sport and, if you’re a fan, experiencing a live match should definitely be on your itinerary. Add a distinctive Argentine take on literature, cinema, music and arts, and you have a rich, edgy culture – part Latin American and part European – that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Argentina

1. Iguazu Falls – Iguazu Falls are, for sure, one of the world’s most stunning and magical natural wonders, a series of breath-taking beautiful waterfalls located right on the border between Brazil and Argentina. The falls are definitely a spectacle you will never forget once you witness in real life and their beauty is even more magical by the perfect backdrop of lush and dense greenery and amazing wildlife. The area of the falls and the surrounding wildlife are all protected by the Iguazu National Park that features many excellent and easy to navigate walkways as well as opportunities for boat tours.

2. Buenos Aires – The colourful, dynamic, and bursting with life capital of Argentine is called Buenos Aires and it is a cosmopolitan city beating and pulsating with vitality, wonderful cityscape, and seductive charm. Despite having a distinguished individuality, you can witness the many influences shaping Buenos Aires the way it is today – from the European architecture to the animated neighbourhoods, impressive nightlife, world-class cuisine. Buenos Aires is one of the largest cities of Latin America and composed of several districts that here are called barrios.

3. Los Glaciares – Los Glaciares is, hands down, a home to some of the most jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring landscapes and natural wonders on the planet. Los Glaciares is located in the Santa Cruz Province of the vast Patagonian region. This national park is a home to the largest ice cap in the world after Greenland and Antarctica. This place is definitely an emotional trip to the inner self, like the feelings you experience while the enormous glaciers are cracking and the thunderous booms as the giant blocks break away and crash into lakes is simply something you can experience here only.

4. El Calafate – Once a sleepy and remote town in the even more remote region of Patagonia, El Calafate is nowadays a lively and booming tourist attraction thanks to the nearby Los Glaciares National Park. El Calafate serves as a starting point to a getaway to the fascinating natural park and a number of surrounding attractions such as the Perito Moreno Glacier tour that provides you with an out-of-this-world show of cracking and thundering ice breaks. El Calafate itself is a charming town that deserves your attention and appreciation too.

5. Mendoza – Mendoza is located in the Latin America’s largest and most popular wine-producing region and there is no wonder why some of the best wine in the world you can be served in this vibrant and lively city. Mendoza is a popular destination not only because of the wine but also because of the fact that it is located near to the Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas. Mendoza also offers access to a number of outdoor adventures such as hiking, horse riding, river rafting, and more.

6. Ushuaia – Ushuaia will win over the heart with its isolated and remote beauty and it is nowadays one of the most popular places to visit when in Argentina. Ushuaia is the world’s southernmost city, located on the Beagle Channel and serving as a popular base for Antarctica cruises.

7. Bariloche – San Carlos de Bariloche may make you feel lost at first, since its many chocolate shops, Swiss-style architecture, snow-capped surrounding mountains and picturesque lakes make the village look exactly like one located in Switzerland. But do not get misled by what your eyes are seeing, as Bariloche is definitely located in Argentina. The village serves as a getaway to many outdoor adventures and simply magical landscapes surrounding the place.

8. Puerto Madryn – The city of Puerto Madryn is located on the shores of Gulfo Nuevo and most popular as a getaway to Peninsula Valdes. Because of its beautiful beaches, Puerto Madryn is also a very popular summertime holiday destination, but skip the swim as the water could be freezing cold. Thanks to the tourism boom in recent years, Madryn has experienced a major growth. One of the most popular things you can experience in the area is the memorable whale watching tour.

9. Cordoba – Cordoba is the second largest city in Argentina and it is best known for its concentration of Spanish colonial buildings and the surrounding picturesque valleys and mountains. Most of the historical palaces, churches, and monuments are located within a central city area known as the Jesuit Block.

10. Mar del Plata – A retreat for the wealthy ones in Argentina back in time, nowadays Mar del Plata is one of the most popular beach resorts in the country open to the public. Mar del Plata is located in the Buenos Aires Province and on the Atlantic Coast and attracts millions of locals and tourists every year, winning over their hearts with its amazing beaches and lively culture.

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