Kansas Travel Destinations

Top 5 Places to Visit in Kansas

1. Wichita – Wichita, despite not the state capital, is the largest city in the state of Kansas and a cultural and historical hotspot. Wichita is often called the Air Capital of the World because it is a home to a number of aerospace companies and the Kansas Aviation Museum in addition. While you are in Wichita do not miss visiting the amazing collection of more than 2500 animals housed in the Sedgwick Country Zoo, stroll through the Old Town and explore the recently revitalized setting by foot, visit the fantastic collection of museums, shops, and restaurants around the city.

2. Lawrence – One of the top cities in Kansas is Lawrence, a hotspot for art, culture, and buzzing nightlife. Also a home to the University of Kansas, Lawrence is a charming city with a youthful and bohemian atmosphere. The beating heart of the city is the main street Massachusetts Street that is framed with cool art galleries, unique independent boutiques, quirky vintage shops, and charming eateries from both sides. Cool nightlife spots and atmospheric breweries are not something rare in this college city too. Visiting the campus of the University of Kansas is something you don’t want to miss too since it is often compared to the wizarding school Hogwarts.

3. Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve – “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” but is just a feeling and we are still talking about some of the most popular Kansas natural sites. In fact, Tallgrass Prairie may seem like in a magical world of tranquil and picturesque lands of greenery and colourful flowers in the spring, or a journey back to the 19th century due to the handful of historic buildings dotted around. In fact, Tallgrass Prairies National Preserve is a part of the only 4% of the America’s original tallgrass prairies existing today.

4. Eisenhower Presidential Library – In case you are an enthusiastic fan of American history, then you don’t want to miss visiting the Eisenhower Presidential Library in the small city Abilene in central Kansas. The library is connected to the Dwight D. Eisenhower Museum and the Eisenhower’s boyhood home. In addition, the library is a top-notch research facility jam-packed with artefacts, photos, and books.

5. Dodge City – Dodge City is a name that may be familiar to you mostly associated with the Santa Fe Trail and it is located in western Kansas. Fort Dodge was established back in the 19th century to safeguard settlers heading along the trail and settling in the state. While Dodge City still has its unique Wild West atmosphere to this date, this is not the only thing worth visiting the place. The city is loaded with history, culture, and things to do. Make sure to tour Fort Dodge while there and also check out the Boot Hill Museum.