Virginia Travel Destinations

Top 5 Places to Visit in Virginia

1. Colonial Williamsburg – Only a few places in the world can offer you an authentic journey to the era of the American Revolution and Williamsburg is definitely a time machine in this sense. In Williamsburg, the buildings are either in their original 18th century style or reproduced to celebrate their original beauty and glory. In a nutshell, Williamsburg is so historic and cultured that there is plenty to do, visit, and experience if you are a history lover. As an example, you can stand where Patrick Henry gave his memorable speech. You can walk the streets as Thomas Jefferson and enjoy amazing seafood where George Washington himself has enjoyed seafood fine dining. Williamsburg is the infamous capital of the state Virginia from 1705 and throughout the whole Revolution. The final battle from the war was fought nearby Williamsburg, so the town turns into the hotspot of the independent movement. The history celebrates Williamsburg as one of the most prosperous and politically active colonial capitals in the country.

2. Virginia Beach – Virginia Beach is definitely one of the most popular summer resorts in the state of Virginia. The main attractions you can expect to find in Virginia Beach is fancy hotels, crowds of tourists, many amusements, and a long and enjoyable boardwalk. Ok, the Atlantic Ocean is not particularly warm enough for a pleasant swimming, however, there are a plethora of entertainment opportunities, including the 19-acre Ocean Breeze Water Park, the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Museum that showcases the coast’s unique fauna and flora, plus an enormous aquarium, hands-on exhibits, touch tank, an aviary, nature trail, marshlands, and an adventure park. Furthermore, Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is a beautiful and protected acres of coastline with plenty of hiking and walking trails.

3. Monticello – Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello is one of the most visited presidential homes in the country and the finest country houses in the US. The Palladian-style mansion is inspired by a villa in Italy and is truly a magnificent and interesting place to visit. Monticello is housing a few of Jefferson’s inventions, extensive historic gardens, and the Jefferson family’s graveyard. The Monticello Visitor Center has more than 400 items of display and honours the people who worked and lived on this 5000-acre plantation.

4. Mount Vernon – Mount Vernon was a home of George Washington from 1754 until his death for 45 years. Even while he was leading the Continental Army during the Revolution, Mount Vernon was still a project in progress and always with the close supervision of the President. The architectural design and interior style of the building is received the personal attention of Washington. The result is an impressive and extra beautiful 21-room plantation house painted in vivid colours on the walls and filled with personal reminders of George and Martha Washington. The gardens of the mansion are even more impressive and spectacular, overlooking the Potomac River and filled with native species of woods and plants.

5. Shenandoah National Park – Shenandoah National Park is located in the centre of the state and protects a portion of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Running through the park is the Skyline Drive, which is the northern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Stopping points to enjoy the views and experience some really fun and entertaining attractions are dotted all along the way. Some of the highlights to check out is the President Hoover’s summer residence, the old Cave Cemetery, the Dark Hallow Falls. Plenty of hiking trails are available throughout Shenandoah National Park. Make sure to visit the park in October, when the park is simply stunning with all the autumnal colours and beauty.